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Information, Community, and Action: How Nonprofit Organizations Use Social Media

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Cassandra Dramis

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Information, Community, and Action: How Nonprofit Organizations Use Social Media

Information, Community, and Action:
How Nonprofit Organizations Use Social Media Researchers Kristin Lovejoy and Gregory Saxton examined the organizational use of microblogging. The Research Microblogging is the posting of very short entries or updates on a blog or social networking site. Lovejoy and Saxton studied organizational Twitter posts to examine the organizational microblogging functions of the 100 largest nonprofit organizations to answer two research questions. Research Question 1: How are organizations using microblogging applications? More specifically for what functions is organizational microblogging being employed?”

Research Question 2: How do organizations vary in their reliance on the primary mircoblogging functions? The Method The researchers conducted both a tweet-based level and organizational level content analysis of 100 nonprofit organizations use of Twitter The researchers obtained a list of the top 100 nonprofit organizations from the 2008 Nonprofit Times 100 list. They then performed both a Google search and Twitter search of the top 100 to determine if they had a twitter account. Through this application the researchers sample narrowed from 100 to 73 nonprofit organizations. The researchers then performed a content analysis of the organizations’ tweets from November and December 2009, by coding them into a 12-category scheme. Informational Tweets: NYPHL: Phillip Hoose is on stage, introducing Claudette Colvin! Awesome! #nationalbook http://yfrog.com/31nc8j Community Tweets: Giving Recognition and Thanks: Smithsonian: The NaionalZoo cuties are Twig Catfish. @UserID, @UserID, & @UserID got it right! More photos: http://owl.ly/Du3b Acknowledgment of Current and Local Events: NYPL: Patience and Fortitude Salute the Troops on Veterans Day! The Libary Lions love a parade. http://bit.ly/2uvxm5 Responses to Reply Messages: DucksUnlimted: @UserID We hope you get to go too. If you get out, tweet using the #duckhunting tag & let us know hot it goes Response Solicitation: Childfund: Change a childhood #childfundcac event starts now. Give us your best tweets on child rights rule @htto://www.childfund.org/twitter Action Tweets: Promote an Event atAMNH: Is there biology behind holiday madness? Find out what makes us naught or nice at Dec. 2nd's Scicafe. RSVP on Facebook http://bit.ly/4bitbul Donation Appeal Selling a Product UCPNational: Sign up for "Black Friday" Deals on Amazon.com and a % of your purchase goes to UCP. USe this link: http://bit.ly/284BRx #disability #autism MetOpera: The new online shop is now open! Browse through for great gifts, CDs, DVDs and more! http://www.metoperashop.org Call for Volunteers & Employees ChildrensLA: Pls RT Mission Critical: Looking for a great online communications coordinator to help our hospital at htto://bit.ly/9wRW4 #jobs Lobbying and Advocay WorldVisionUSA: On World #AIDS Day (Dec. 1), help end mother-to-child #HIV transmission. Ask Congress to keep promise...http://tr.im/wad_promise (VIDEO) Join Another Site or Vote for Organization CatholicRelief: Were you at the Komen Global Rce in DC this year? You definitely need to join the facebook group: http://bit.ly/qvSCk #globalrace (komenforthecure) Learn to help SalvationArmyUS: Want to sign up for an Online Red Kettle, but need a little help? Here are some fun video tutorials to get your started! http://bit.ly/3j7GHN Categorizing Organizations After performing their content analysis the researchers categorized organizations into three categories. Community Builders Promoters & Mobilizers Informational Sources The researcher determined that most organiztions are "Information Sources" and are not using the full potential of Twitter.
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