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No description

Laura Flanagan

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Delaware

Come to Dealaware we have lots to offer

The founder of Delaware was Peter Minuit. Peter was a man that is credited with purchasing the island of Manhattan Island from the Native Americans for 60 Dutch guiders. He later helped to fount the first Swedish colony in America, New Sweden, o the lower Delaware River. He died

In Delaware, you will have no trouble riding your bikes up hills no more tiring your legs, because Delaware is all flat land. Delaware was a middle colony, it had a mix of New England and southern features. Delaware had very good farming land
Interesting Facts about Delaware now. Delaware's capital is Dover, Delaware is now called the diamond state. The State bird in Delaware now is the blue hen, it has no teeth

If you come to coloniol Delaware, you will be free from religion laws, in Delaware, there are no religious laws
By Zoya Iyer
Thank you for watching and i hope you enjoyed my preziantation
In Delaware

They exported agricultural products and natural resources, but were also able to manufacture iron ore products, plows tools, kettles, locks, nails, and large blocks of iron which they exported to England.
in a tropical storm.
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