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Tomohiko Ito

No description

Tristan T.

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Tomohiko Ito

Itou, Tomohiko
Born, October 20, 1978
Tomohuko, Ito is a Storyboard Creator and a Director of Various Popular Anime
I cannot find out What school he went to, but in interviews he has said he went through High School. Other than that I am unable to find anything, as he is Japanese and records on him aren't available other than through what information he gives to people. He was in a seafaring school though, so he would have been a sailor had he not taken interest in anime.
Storyboards are plans for scenes of the anime. They look something like this:
You can see that instructions for the animators and drawers are present
These are some of the anime he has directed
and Created Storyboards for!


Tomohiko Ito seems to enjoy the supernatural and situations that would not normaly be possible. This Genre is called Fantasy.
In This anime the "supernatural" circumstance is Called Nen.
It's probably better if I just show you...
Death Note
Blue Exorcist
Sword Art Online
What you Just saw, was "Nen" and it is fueled by emotion. Apperently the main character (Gon) is pretty angry for a few reasons.
Also, this guys eyes glow when he is angry.
More Nen!
Twin Brothers
This guy is the spawn of the Devil.

He is the twin of the other guy.
He was born from his mother who was not a Virgin
. Also, she didn't survive the Birthing. So... sort like Jesus...
But in complete reverse......?
The "Headmaster" of the School.
The look of
The Death god
This is Kirito
And this.
And this.
He plays games. But not just any games! Mmo rpg Games. And he plays them on the "Nerve Gear".
When you have the nerve gear on. Signals can be sent to your brain that make you, taste, feel and hear.
What could POSSIBLY go wrong???

Soo.... You are trapped inside a game. With lots of Monsters. And you have to beat it to get out. Also there are 100 floors with super hard bosses...
So, yeah. That would suck but he seems to be determined to get out.
What is his "special move" you ask?

As a director, he has a lot of influence over what the characters say and even more over HOW they say it.
I think that he chooses good stories to begin with, but he really makes me love the characters by what they say and reactions to things that others say. That only doesn't apply to the characters who are supposed to be disliked (you know, the villain). He really builds characters that are slightly unpredictable but at the same time, they react how you would expect to circumstance they are put into because of the way their personality is written in their respective manga.
Oh, and did I mention. If you die in the game you die in real life...
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