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BeeHappy Products & Services

No description

shantunu tomar

on 4 August 2015

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Transcript of BeeHappy Products & Services

BeeHappy Products & Services
Say Sorry & BeeHappy

Fact of Life


m sorry
.” Two simple words and yet two of the hardest to say. We easily say them in response to trivial matters like accidentally jostling a stranger on the street or giving the cashier the wrong change.

Yet in important matters and to those who mean the most to us, we can find ourselves practically choking on the words. But the inability to apologize can critically wound all of our relationships, from home to work.

And Why We Don’t Apologize? Reasons can be different Pride, Anger, Miscommunication, Embarrassment, etc. though its effects are toxic for both personal and work life.

So we got it! People are too busy & In this digital era when you have a professional platform to serve your needs, why not? Provide a business service to cater your apologies & feelings with style & sincerity.

Hence it seems a good opportunity to us (fingers crossed) & for the first time ever, a business platform to help you in delivering your apologies.

We believe in people & relationships as at the end of the day it is all that matters!

Who We Are?
Born on 1st July 2015 as BeeHappy!
and putting up in Delhi

Works 24*7/365 including dry days to make your life stress free & Happy

Have a bunch of crazy professionals indulge in developing creative products & services to express your emotions
How We Work?
Get in touch (Coffee on Us!) or Visit our website (www.beehappy.in)

We will go through your details & info (Only genuine people, please thank You.)

Accordingly you can choose from our host of products & services customize for you

And via feasible channel we will deliver your sincere apology & feelings (You will become a rock star!)

So don't wait apologies are great!
Why Us?
Just think of us as a professional consultant who deals with people, relationships, feelings, blah blah!!

So we provide a convenient platform to express & deliver your feelings in a right manner

We all have experienced the catastrophic effects among individuals when they hurt each other intentionally or unintentionally

And most of the time people want to apologize (And we are talking about humans here) but can't due to lack of comfortable platform to communicate

And if we are not making a difference in people's lives we should not be in that business

Business Idea!
Say Sorry & BeeHappy
Get In Touch?
Call +91-9650740202

Write beehappy.services@gmail.com

Visit www.beehappy.in
Creative Products you can buy online from our Website & App

Customize Products depending on your situation

Specialize innovative service platform to deliver your feelings!
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