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Grooming 2017

No description

Soho House

on 15 June 2017

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Transcript of Grooming 2017

At the end of this session you will be able to:
- Identify the correct standard
appropriate to your work place
- Explain the importance of
good grooming while you are on shift

- Demonstrate these standards at work in accordance with Soho House & Co
Your Benefit:
- It will save you time
- You will feel better at work, less stressed
- You will be happier & more confident
- You will be noticed by your manager/ director
Why do we wear an uniform?
- For practicality
- To be recognised by our customers
- For health & safety reasons
- For aesthetics
- For formality
- For hierarchy
Why do you think it is important
to be well groomed?
- Feel happier
- Hygiene, look fresh & clean
- Avoid any stress when you arrive for your shift
- Positive feedback from customer
- You will get noticed by your manager
- To represent our brand: Soho House & Co
- Shower
- Put on some deodorant, light perfume
- Keep your hair/ facial hair clean and tidy
- Keep your hands & nails clean to a high standard
Grooming 2017
Our standards are:
- Wash & dry your hands before your shift and frequently
- Look clean & fresh
- Trousers should be ironed & cleaned
- Shirts should be cleaned, ironed & tucked away
- Remove jewellery apart from sleeper earrings &
plain rings
- Tasteful light & natural make up
- Food handlers must have clean & short nails, light colored varnish, no fake nails or art work, no nail varish in the kitchen
- Hair & facial hair clean & tidy/ well kept
- Smokers: wash your hands after a smoke: have a mint!
- And finally don't forget your equipment: pens,
waiter's friend, pads etc.
How do I look today??
Time to play.......
yes / no
yes / no
yes / no
- Wear light and tasteful make up
- Wear clean & ironed shirt/ trousers/
How can I look my best?
yes / no
yes / no
- Closed shoes, non-slip soles, polished to a high standard
body langague
yes / no
Good grooming means practicing good hygiene techniques.
Good grooming includes showering and having neat hair and clean, trimmed fingernails.
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