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Marketing Strategy of Milka

No description

Stanislava S.

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Strategy of Milka

Marketing Strategy of Mondelez for Brand

Mission Statement
"We believe a little Milka chocolate can go a long way to making the world a more tender place."
Business Portfolio
Milka's portfolio has wide variety of products - chocolates (25g, 100g, 250g, 300g), chocolates limited editions, chocolate biscuits, pralines, ice- creams.
Why a Company Needs Marketing Strategy?
Marketing strategy - for creating customer value and achieving profitable customer relationships.
Mondelez Inc.
Mondelez International, formely Kraft Foods Group, is a maker of chocolate, biscuits, gum, candy, coffee and powdered beverages.
Milka’s logo is handwritten and makes association with childhood and tenderness.
Milka is part of Mondelez International. It was founded in 1901 by the famous confectioner Philippe Suchard.

"Every day we create delicious moments of joy"
Heritage portfolio including tens of popular brands
The name - a combination of two German words - "Milch" (milk) and "Kakao" (cocoa).
Today Milka is one of the leading brands for chocolate sweets.
The Cow
The purple cow has main part in the Milka’s logo.
Why cow?

The milk from alpine cow is better, hence the chocolate will be more tender.
Today the Milka cow - one of the most successful advertising images.
Dare to be
tender ...
Product Portfolio
Boston Cosulting Group Matrix ( BCG Martix )
Product expansion grid
( Ansoff Matrix )
Customer - driven Marketing Strategy
the customer is in the centre of Milka’s strategy.
four dimensions of the strategy:
segmentation, targeting, differentiation, positioning
geographical segmentation

demographical segmentation
- segmenting the whole market on age, family life cycle, income.
Target groups - children, teenagers, middle age people, and mainly families with average income, everyone who loves the tender taste of the good chocolate.
purple colored package and the purple cow

Milka is produced with Alpine Milk
Milka aims to attract its consumers' perceptions, impressions and feelings.
Values - based on innocence, feeling young at heart.
The consumers appreciate the values of the company and associate themselves as part of the brand.
Strong advertising campaigns
The ads provoke customers' perceptions.
One piece and you are there!
The "Last Square" campaign
engaging its buyers in a very innovative way
the event - the most tendered day of the year.
Marketing Mix
Product -
with the diversity of flavours, they can satisfy every targeted consumer.
Place -
main businesses are in Western Europe, than Eastern Europe, USA, also leading positions in Germany, France and Austria.
- Milka organizes events like the fairs; participates in sponsorships; discounts for sales promotion on holidays.
- Milka determines price on the basis of competition. The prices are very flexible, a discount can easily be determined.

SWOT analysis
Thank you for the
Made by:
Stanislava Sotirova
Violeta Milkova
Milka’s unique strategy has helped the company to gain international recognition and to become one of the most preferred chocolate brands.
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