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Sea Life Center

Virtual Aquarium

Jessica Rafferty

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Sea Life Center

Monterey, CA
Size 130,000 sq. ft. (original building) Monterey Bay Aquarium 91,500 sq. ft. (outer bay wing)
8,500 sq. ft. (new entry) Currently renovating the MBA Restaurant The Exploratorium at Piers 15/17 San Francisco, CA
Size 230,000 Sq.-Ft. San Diego Zoo San Diego, CA
Size 11,000 Sq.-Ft. Habitat Africa - The Forest Brookfield Zoo
Brookfield, Illinois
Size 9,500 sq.-ft. Big Cat Falls, Philadelphia Zoo Philadelphia, PA
Size 28,000 sq.-ft. Size 6,000 sq.-ft. Pritzer Family Children's Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo Gulf of Maine Laboratory Portland, Maine
50,000 sq.-ft. Marbles Kids Museum Raleigh, North Carolina
70,000 sq.-ft. Mississippi River Discovery Center Dubuque, Iowa
50,000 sq.-ft. John G. Shedd Aquarium Size 132,000 sq.-ft. / 6,000 sq.-ft. / 5,700 sq.-ft. / 28,500 sq.-ft. Aquarium Improvements Project, Toledo Zoo Toledo, Ohio
30,000 sq.-ft. • Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA
• Aquarium of the Red Sea, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:  Design Competition Winner
• Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL (with HOK)
• Indiana State Aquarium, Indianapolis, IN: Master Plan and Concept Design
• International Aquarium of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA:  Master Plan and Concept Design
• Great Waters of the World, Cleveland, OH: Master Plan
• Gulf of Maine Aquarium, Portland, ME
• Hamburg Aquarium, Hamburg, Germany:  Concept Design
• Tongass Coast Aquarium, Ketchikan, Alaska
• Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA
• National Aquarium of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
• National Museum of Marine Biology/ Aquarium, Kenting National Park, Taiwan
• New England Aquarium Phase 3, Boston, MA (with TAMS):  Concept Design
• Okeanos Long Island Aquarium, Riverhead, NY:  Concept Design
• Palm Beach Seaport Aquarium, Riviera Beach, FL:  Concept Design
• Planet Ocean, Antwerp, Belgium:  Concept Design
• John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL
• Seattle Aquarium, Seattle, WA:  Master Plan
• Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco, CA:  Master Plan
• Tennessee Terrarium, Chattanooga, TN - Design Competition Winner
• UK National Aquarium, London, England (with Terry Farrell/Partners): Concept Design • Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA
• Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, IN
• Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL
• Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles, CA
• San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco, CA
• Flagship Gift Store Remodel, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA • The Audubon Center at Debs Park, Los Angeles, CA
• Bay Area Discovery Museum, East Fort Baker, CA
• California Science Center Phase II, Los Angeles, CA (with ZGF)
• Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA
• Exploratorium Renovation, San Francisco, CA
• Exploris Museum/Exploristore, Raleigh, NC (with Clearscapes)
• International Center to End Violence, San Francisco, CA
• International Museum of Women, San Francisco, CA:  Concept Design
• Mississippi River Discovery Center, Dubuque, IA
• Ulysses S. Grant Visitor Center, Galena, IL Working with zoos, aquariums, and museums has taught us to continuously ponder the symbiotic relationship between, people, animals, land, and plants and how that relationship is altered depending on the climate and the environment. Our past work demonstrates our ability to consider these important factors and create seamless, innovative designs that respond to all. UC Santa Barbara Oceans Science Building Experience with the Coastal Commission Tongass Coast Aquarium Ketchikan, Alaska
30,000 sq.-ft. Lands End Size 15,000 sq.-ft. Size 4,140 sq.-ft. Sea Life Center
12,000 sq.-ft.
Current space 4,000 sq.-ft.
Expand 8,000 sq.-ft. 1st Street Avila Beach Drive Aquariums Zoos Museums/Interpretive Centers UCSB Ocean Sciences Building Monterey Bay Aquarium UCSC Coastal Biology UCSC Long Marine Lab
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