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Fish in a Tree

No description

Morgan Dack

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Fish in a Tree

Basic Situation-

* Ally accidentally gives her teacher a Sympathy card as a baby shower gift
* Ally accidentally crushes the butterfly in her hand
*Shay makes fun of Ally at the museum
*Shay finds out about that Ally can't read and tells the whole class
*Ally thought Shay took her bag of chips and aggressively took her bag instead as revenge
*Ally, Albert, and Keisha walk to Albert's house from school
*The three bullies that pick on Albert walk up to them
*They pin Keisha to the ground and Ally was next
*Albert gets so frustrated that he flips the guy pinning Keishah to the floor
*And scares the other bullies away
By: Morgan Dack
Fish in a Tree
Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Inciting Incident-
*Ally vs. confidence
*Albert vs. bravery
* Ally vs. Shay and her friends
* Albert vs. bullies
* Ally vs. dyslexia
Falling Action:
Point of View:
point of view.
*First-Person in Ally's
*Ally carries her project to her brother Travis who is her ride home
*Ally sets the project on the ground and runs back to Mr. Daniels classroom
* She asks him if he can teach his brother how to read just like he taught her
*He agrees to help him learn and walks over to meet him
*Then they walk back to his classroom and begin to learn how to read together.
Mr. Daniels-
Ally's Mom-
She is a shy, artistic, and brave girl that is dyslexic.
He is Ally's brother, a mechanic, and also cannot read
He is the teacher of Ally's class, he is
nice, kind, and helps Ally get over her dyslexia
She is mean to everyone, but mostly Ally, she is a bully, and is very rude to Mr. Daniels
He is really smart and very clever and knows a lot of history about Albert Einstein
She is very quiet and nice, and used to live out of the country
He is loud, funny and likes to share his opinion
She is nice, polite, and tries to help Ally make friends
She is nice, feisty, sometimes controlling, protective
She is nice when she is not around Shay, but
she follows her and around and does as Shay commands
*At her house
*In Mr. Daniels classroom
*At her school
*And at the restaurant her mom works at as a waiter
*Believe in yourself
*Just cause someone says something doesn't mean it's true
*Anything is possible if you believe in yourself
Ally is sitting at her desk while her teacher is bugging her to start writing her paper. Ally is sent to the office again where Mrs. Silver, the principal, calls her mom.
*Ally and Shay run for president and have to say a speech.
*Ally gets nervous and can't read the card, so she closes her eyes and just says wants to say.
*Ally then wins the election by a silent auction so no one would be pressured to vote for Shay
*Ally then becomes president of the class and becomes more confident in herself
The next day Ally is given a new teacher. Ally is nervous if she can trust this teacher to keep her secret.
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