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Sumatran Tiger In DANGER !!!!!!!!

No description

Diana Leal

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Sumatran Tiger In DANGER !!!!!!!!

Sumatran Tiger In DANGER !!!!!!!!
What Is The Name Of The Animal
The name of the tiger is the
Sumatran Tiger.
What Would You Do To Prevent This Animal From being Extinct??
I would help by making people stop cutting down their forest.
What Do You Predict Would Happen If This Animal Was Extinct??
I predict that people that hunt the tiger before they went extinct would no longer get more coat from them.
Why Is This Animal Important??
This animal is important because the island of sumatran is the only place were tigers,rhinos,orangutans, and elephants live together .This tiger helps by biodiversity in the forest .
Why Is The Sumatran Tiger Endangered
The sumatran tiger is in endangered by the destruction of its habitat and poaching.
Where Does This Animal Live
The Sumatran Tiger lives in sumatran island .His habitat is the forest or in the grasslands.

People hunt these animals, and their forest is getting cut down.Their food is leaving and, if they leave the tigers dont have food they could die.
People need to stop hunting them.
To help the tiger. I
would make annousments or speeches to other people and spread the word.
These tigers are not going to exist in our
world anymore if the hunting contiues.
Biodiversity means the different life in one place.
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