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the art of putting what is in the text with what you understand about that subject together to get a complete understanding of what is happening

Hannah Zehr

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Inferring

Inferring The rain was hard and steady. Sue
stomped around the room and checked
the clock every five minutes. The book
that she bought the day before was flung in the corner beside the picnic basket and blanket. She stamped her feet and voiced her displeasure with nature.
What plans did Sue have for the day? The boy rode his bike to his friend's
house after dinner. When he got there,
he rang the bell. He waited, but no one
came to the door. He looked in the
driveway. The car was not there. There
were no lights on and the windows were
all closed. The boy got back on his bike and went home. What did the boy think? These athletes train a great deal. They
eat a very healthy diet. Some complete
in short races and others compete in
long races called marathons. What is the sport? the act of putting together what you KNOW
about something and what written in the TEXT The boy found it in the middle of the
road on his way home from school. It
was very tiny so he picked it up. He fed it
food for several weeks. Soon, it grew and
got very long. What did the boy find? The decision was difficult. No one would
find out. She was the only one that would
know. It would guarantee her a good
grade, but was it worth it? Would she really feel proud passing this way? What was her struggle? The bear ate lots of nuts and fish. Her fur got thick. She prepared her den. The leaves fell from the trees and the days turned colder. What was the bear getting ready to do? Even though the man didn't want to do
it he knew it had to be done. He picked up the phone and made the necessary arrangements. A few hours later, he found himself in a brightly lit room. He sat down in the movable chair. The person in charge bent over him as he began. Where was he? The man measures the wood and uses a saw to cut it. He puts the wood in place and hammers nails into it. He continutes until the entire wall is built. What is this man's job? The girl sneezed. Her dad felt her forehead and took her temperature. She told him her throat hurt. He pulled the blankets over her. He told her to try to sleep while he called her teacher. Why did he call her teacher? There are many things to see. Many farm animals are on display. The midway is full of people playing games and eating food. There is also a place where you can go on many different rides. What is the place? The children looked up at the twinkling lights. The background was pitch black. Although the air was a bit cool they didn't mind. They were busy looking at shapes, designs, and even some streaking lights. Where were the children? The girl showed the lady her ticket. Then she walked down the stairs and found her seat. The players ran onto the field. They got into their positions. The ball went up in the air and the game began. Where was the girl? The room was a mess! Pots and pans were piled in the sink. Drawers and cabinets were flung open. Chocolate chilps dotted the floor and empty cartons were on the sticky counter, but the smell was delicious. Why was the room a mess? The students were very quiet when the teacher walked over to the science center. The children sat at their desks and looked down at their hands. No one made a sound. The teacher looked around the classroom. Then she saw the pieces on the floor. What happened in the classroom? The cat stretches and yawns. She strolls over to her favorite spot. The sun shines in and makes it very warm. She watches the birds and squirrels. Some times the fresh air blows in on her. She climbs up into her soft bed and looks at the animals for a while. Then she curls up and goes to sleep. Where is the cat's favorite spot? The waves crash against the beach. Thunder cracked and lighting lit the sky. The wind howled and bent trees over sideways. People put shutters on their windows, bought supplies, and were ready. What were people expecting? The young woman looked down at her long dress. She felt like a princess. She and the others stood in the hall. They listened to the music. Then she heard the cue. She walked down the aisle as she held her flowers. What was this event? People giggled and pointed at her feet. She didn't understand until she looked down. She turned red with embarassment. She realized she should not have gotten dressed in the dark. Why shouldn't she have gotten dressed in the cark? The girl saved all her money. It was exactly what she wanted. She imagined gliding down the road pedaling effortlessly. She finally had enough money to make her dream come true. What was her dream? Mailboxes are lined up outside the door. There is a long counter inside with scales. You can buy stamps, envelopes, and boxes. There are slots where you can mail a letter and long rows of boxes where some people go to pick up their mail. What is this place?
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