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on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Arkansas

Fun facts

Historic locaton
mississippi river
little rock
Fun location
Economic location
this is a oil rig that harvests oil from the ground in
the West Gulf Coastal Plain
Geographic location
Political location
In 1865 Arkansas outlawed slavery.
Arkansas joined us in the civil war
One time during the civil war Arkansas had 2 Governments.
2007 a tornado hit Arkansas and destroys many homes and businesses
road map
phicical map
elevation map
resource map
The capital is little rock
The Governor is Mike Beebe
The Senators are named John and Mark
There are 75 counties in Arkansas
AR is the state abreveation
this is the state quarter
oil is used for factory and mainly over all any type of energy
boats make many trips to each oil plant to carry the oil to the energy sources
oil plants have drills that go to the bottom of the ocean and then bring it up so the boats can take it
this is the capital buliding
the highest point is on magizine mountain
it is elegal to walk a cow befor 1:00 on sunday
dimond mine
the ozark mountains and platues atract more than 20,000 toriste a year
west gulf costal plain oil rigs
1682 Rene-robert Cavellier and Siere De La Salle claimed the mississipy river for france
the mississippi river is part of the largest river system in north amarica
the mississippi was used for transportaition during the civil war
the mississippi river waas carved by a glatior
the mississippi river creates a border for arkansas
magizine mountain
magizine mountain has the highest point in Arkansas
the highest point in arkansas is2,753 feet(839 meters)
it has many plants and trees
as you can see thier is a huge forest
it is only used for torist atractions now
it is near the town of Murfreesboro
it is the only dimond mine in north amarica
more thaN 70,000 diamonds were found in the mine/crater
it is elegal to mispranounce arkansas in the state
in little rock it is elegal for the arkansas river to raise above the main street bridge
it is called the natural state
its lowest point is 55 feet above sea level
the highest point is 2,753 feet above sea level
37 million years ago half of arkansas was under water
mammoth springs preduces 200 million galons of water an avrege day
the states best known animal is the arkansas razor back
little rock is the state capital
it is the largest city in arkansas
37 million years ago little dock was under water
this is the capital biulding
there are alot of farms
there is grass lands
there are forests
there are also platues
and many mountains
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