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Good and Bad Things that happened in the 1920s

No description

montse crespo

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Good and Bad Things that happened in the 1920s

Social good and bad
women had the right to vote
the Great Depression started
Cultural good and bad
Marked high degree of racial and ethnic conflict
Now enjoying the freedom that comes from having and independent source of income
Economical good and bad
Technological good and bad
The popularity of the automobile also brought immense economic
Good and Bad Things that happened in the 1920s
by: Montse, Cindy, Merced, Mazer

The Roaring Twenties actually began with an economic whimper; the transition back to peacetime after World War I was a difficult adjustment.
the Roaring Twenties were, in fact, a great time to be rich.
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