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No description

Eva Ramirez

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of FMEA

FMEA FMEA procedure Assembled with a crossed-team functional people with diverse knowledge about the costumer needs. Function often included are; design, manufacturing, quality, testing, reliability, maintenance, purchasing, sales , marketing and costumer services. When to use FMEA? When a process, product or service is being designed or redesigned, after quality function deployment.

When an existing process, product or service is being applied in a new way.

Before developing control plans for a new or
modified process.

When improvement goals are planned for an existing process, product or service.

When analyzing failures of an existing process,
product or service.

Periodically throughout the life of the process, product or service Identify the scope of the FMEA. Is it for concept, system, design, process, or service?

What are the boundaries?

Hoe detailed should will be?
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