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Mulan's Journey

A Hero's Project

Becca Walker

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Mulan's Journey

Heroic Battle Mulan's Grandmother gives her a "lucky cricket" in the beginning for luck with the matchmaker. This cricket and a "dragon" named Mushu follow Mulan through her whole adventure. Mentor Mulan and the other recruits begin training, and Mulan realizes that being in the army is hard. Eventually, Mulan succeeds and is just as strong as the other men. Belly of the Whale Trials Mulan struggles throughout the war to hide her identity. During a seemingly successful confrontation with the Huns, Mulan is injured, and her true identity is revealed. Many of Mulan's fellow fighters are shocked, and they leave her in the Mountains. Shadows and Temptations While in the army, Mulan develops a somewhat adoration of General Shang.

Other men in the army (Mulan's friends) have romantic wishes which do not involve Mulan, as they do not know that she is a woman. Mulan goes into the city, where she tries to warn the General that the Hun are going to attack. The General, (still angry with Mulan) refuses to listen. Mulan hunts down the Hun, and has a final showdown with him. A Hero's Project Mulan's Journey Call To Adventure A war begins with the Huns, and Mulan's elderly, unhealthy father is listed with other recruits from town. Crossing the Threshold Mulan takes her family's horse, her father's armor, and enters the army camp with all the other recruits. The Ultimate Boon Mulan defeats the head Hun, and saves China. The emperor rewards her with his pendent and a sword. Returning Home Mulan returns home with her rewards. Her family, however, doesn't care about the rewards, just that their daughter is home.

General Shang follows Mulan home, and seems to have developed a romantic interest in Mulan. 木蘭
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