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Sport Psych


Sport Psych

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Sport Psych

Culture in Sports Presented by: Mukai Matsiga Andrew Eggleston Kevin Rutland Justin Bridgman Greg Mitchell Quinn Brown Culture...What Is It??? def: A particular society at a particular time and place Can be as simple as Staple foods... ...Music... ...Religion... ...And Entertainment SPORTS Soccer/Football in the UK "In the field of sports, you are more or less accepted for what you do rather than what you are" - Althea Gibson Chinese Sports Culture Rugby in South Africa Basketball In Lithuania America...and the Culture of Sports National Pride National Team - Springboks
Started in 1906
Became the center of segregation movement in the 1950’s
Soviet occupation Reasons for playing... Rags to Riches "The American Way" Leaving School Early Education Importance vs "Get Rich Quick" 97.5 million U.S. Viewers

148.3 million Total

Betting- $82.7 million in Nevada alone.

3.717 million viewers on ESPN
8.3 million on NFL network
Commercials NFL Draft Started in 1936 NBA Culture How do we perceive NBA Players? Celebrities? Role Models? -“The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the drug culture.” Why Study Sports and Culture? -“Sport is more than just something we do for fun, or even for a living; it is linked to the political, social, economic, and historical contexts in which we live.” -Learning Culture Through Sport Owns 40% of Arsenal F.C. Major Bank in UK Family is worth 1 Trillion dollars Sports Identity "The Packers are like your children. You don’t love them because they’re good. You love them because they’re YOURS. " Packers fan, Steve Gay Social Identity Theory Victory... ...and defeat History of Ping Pong... Not actually invented in China
Brought from Britain in the 1920s by soldiers
Mid 1960s-Mid 1980s China dominated
National Sport of China
Used in 1971 as a way for United States and China to enter peace negotiations
Used by Mao as a way of enforcing his political will
Importance in Culture Children Given Examination around age 5 to assess skills. If they have the right test results they immediately go to training, which lasts least 7 hours a day.
Hundreds of people training at once. The best women play vs. men, some play 2 vs. 1. They Use sports psychologists to help stay focused
Training center old... ...new Olympic Success Going into 2008 important to win a lot of medals
Won 8 of 12 medals
Won all 6 individual medals
Won both team Gold Medals
Rainbow Nation- represents the nation cultural diversity. Has the most diverse population in the world.
11 Different languages are spoken
2 Main Cultures
Whites- similar to North American lifestyle and sport is immensely popular
Blacks- very urbanized and westernized
Were the creators of the Rugby World Cup
Created in 1987
Were not allowed to play in the first two World Cups because of anti- apartheid sporting boycott.
Nelson Mandela became first President of South Africa elected in a fully representative Democratic election.

South Africa hosted the 1995 World cup.

Mandela attempted to use Rugby as a way to bond South Africa’s racial differences by convincing the blacks to get behind the previously hated Springboks team.
1995 World Cup Championship
"One Team, One Country"

Defeated their lifetime rival the New Zealand National Team 15-12

Mandela wore a Springbok shirt to present the trophy to the captain Fancois Pienaar, a white Afrikaner.

This gesture was widely seen as a major step towards the bringing together of whites and blacks in South Africa 2010

1 Rodriguez, Alex$ 33,000,000 New York Yankees
2 Sabathia, CC$ 24,285,714 New York Yankees
3 Jeter, Derek$ 22,600,000 New York Yankees
4 Teixeira, Mark$ 20,625,000 New York Yankees
5 Santana, Johan$ 20,144,707 New York Mets
6 Cabrera, Miguel$ 20,000,000 Detroit Tigers
7 Beltran, Carlos$ 19,401,569 New York Mets
8 Howard, Ryan$ 19,000,000 Philadelphia Phillies
9 Lee, Carlos$ 19,000,000 Houston Astros
10 Soriano, Alfonso$ 19,000,000 Chicago Cubs
11 Zambrano, Carlos$ 18,875,000 Chicago Cubs
12 Lackey, John$ 18,700,000 Boston Red Sox
13 Ramirez, Manny$ 18,695,006 Los Angeles Dodgers
14 Hunter, Torii$ 18,500,000 Los Angeles Angels
15 Zito, Barry$ 18,500,000 San Francisco Giants
16 Suzuki, Ichiro$ 18,000,000 Seattle Mariners
17 Ordonez, Magglio$ 17,825,976 Detroit Tigers
18 Helton, Todd$ 17,775,000 Colorado Rockies
19 Ramirez, Aramis$ 16,750,000 Chicago Cubs
20 Burnett, A.J.$ 16,500,000 New York Yankees
21 Holliday, Matt$ 16,333,327 St. Louis Cardinals
22 Carpenter, Chris$ 15,840,971 St. Louis Cardinals
23 Halladay, Roy$ 15,750,000 Philadelphia Phillies
24 Wells, Vernon$ 15,687,500 Toronto Blue Jays
25 Kuroda, Hiroki$ 15,433,333 Los Angeles Dodgers

NFL Culture Superbowl 8 million: Total pounds of popcorn consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

28 million: Pounds of potato chips consumed.

53.5 million: Pounds of avocados consumed.

2.6 mill for 30 seconds of air time Who's Better? Villains? Playoff scandal Scandels in Sport “Please know that as far as I’m concerned, every one of these questions and answers are a matter between Elin and me. These are issues between a husband and a wife.” Do we care too much?? Thanks for Listening...Any Questions?
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