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mangroves in Malaysia

Characteristics, problems, strategies

yi xin yi xin

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of mangroves in Malaysia

Mangroves in Malaysia characteristics Coastal forests Strategies plants animals migratory birds case study: Matang Mangrove Forest White Stork coastal migratory water birds migratory forest birds 43 000 to 85 000 major rivers production of mangrove woods 8 major rivers forest is watered by the daily flooding brought in by the tide sungai gula
sungai selinsing
sungai sangga besar
sungai sepetang
sungai jaha
sungai terung
sungai jerung emas

bakau minyak bakau kurap need for conservation mangrove forest depleted 505 300 to 269 000 46.8% decrease in <10 years Causes Human vs Natural poulation expansion
inefficient reforestation techniques

aim for sustainable management Minimum girth system The first system applied was the minimum girth system, which was then replaced by the standard system. Later the shelterwood system was proposed, with the provision of the retention of standards which was later replaced by the provision of the two-staged final felling.
strong commitment, policy and legal framework, professional forest
management, increased public awareness, and linkages with local institutions of higher learning and research organizations.
- incorporating the assistance of planting of mangroves to their natural regeneration for the establishment of required forest cover since 1980 - The planting of Rhizophora propagules,
to help natural regeneration in Matang,
Malaysia, is in practice since 1980. - While the foresters were managing the timber, unknowingly they were also managing the fisheries and the mangrove, which is heavily affected by the pollution not only from the site, but also from upstream. Due to the complexity of the mangrove system with its various components playing their own roles and various stakeholders with their variety of livelihood needs, there is a necessity for integrated management of this resource. - National Forest Policy 1978 - National Forestry Act 1984 Mangrove forests in Matang are located on state land under jurisdiction of Forestry Department. Some parts of this area are co-managed by DWNP for tourism activities. As there are many stakeholders involved in utilizing the area, overlapping of powers and regulations may occur in forest management. As a result, conflicting policies seem to occur while the Forestry Department has the dominant role in managing the forest. - incorporating the assistance of planting of mangroves to their natural regeneration for the establishment of required forest cover since 1980 Challenges
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