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Mi Autobiografía en ingles

Ok, realmente no creo que este escrito correctamente en ingles XC Lo siento

Luna Uribe

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Mi Autobiografía en ingles

Luna Uribe
Hello my name is Luna Mackenzie Rosales Uribe, I was born on June 27, 2001 in Tijuana, along with my sister Amanda S. quatita Of sign cancer.
I was born with a disease called high bilisrruminas, that makes my skin to become yellow, gives me warmth, etc; Per lack of sun (my sister was born with reflux).
When I turned five years my parents they separated, but still see 2.

They is no longer want and although I wants them to be together, not couldand the truth is better who are separated at see them all day arguing.
When I turned six my older sister (Itzul Yvette Alejandra tapeworm around 15) went to my the house of mother and went to live with my dad. And although they are separated, there is something that unites them (my sisters and I).
My mom (Sol Rosales) has a character very strong and my dad (Jorge Uribe) has a character a slightly more pleasant. But while they have a different character, I love you very much.
When he was 10 years, I fell from a ladder and me opened the chin, whereby had what sew and now i have a cute and beautiful scar on his chin. The truth not me uncomfortable have her and all the look, like the one I have on the forehead, but that if not me the had to sew, so I have a brand because of an accident on skates.
As I said before, I do not I am ashamed to or uncomfortable that people will look, because those brands that we were left in me. Reminds me of that I must ever take caution with what I go do, and apart those marks and scar are part of my life now and not would like take them off it for the world
Am now of those people that cares and it is pretrial part ground much confidence in people therefore, is not very good because then nothing more that me they want to see his face. I am also a little understanding and patient, a little stubborn and enojona.
Sometimes I usually mourn from all with some anger, eg if someone offends me but ugly, I get angry and courage I start obviously also mourn when I Got bruised, but do not get angry. Another thing is that it makes me a little difficult to say the word "no", because I always want help or do something for people, but when I can not, I try to use another word.
Good my tastes obviously are different from those of of others and that pleases me from my be different, not of shame I to say or do something that I like eg: I like musicsing and dance, why? Good because that the music and stuff you can be express feelings and to me it is very beautiful to hear or see them.
I also like touch the piano, by touching'm not an expert, but I like it, I also like drawing, painting, reading, the mathematics and writing. (I know it's rare which somebody likes to mathbut I must admitting that I usually decesperar with some problem they do not understand, but honestly I think I like what I coplicado not know if it is good or bad.
Indeed one of my dreams is be a painter and actress, why? Good because I like writing histories and I would love to act them, you expresarloas will appreciate that all my ideas (obviously if you do not like to, okay, everyone has their tastes).
I think also like to show my ideas because normally nobody talks to meperhaps because Iam a bit distracted or am not very sociable, but hey ....
My dislikes are: the spicy, hate anything having chile, but, so yes, love everything that contains sweet, I hate to sleep also much, because wasting the day sleeping and not doing something productive, but that if, fond dream even as they are, weird, ugly or beautiful things
I have a fear of heights and the balls (only when hacercan my one point away) because when I was little I had stuck twice in the head in kindergarten.
The worst moment of my life, I think it was when my parents were separated when I fell from the stairs and I opened the chin, but those bad moments I'm going to go beatingslowly and better comprendere since they make me a strong person every day.
And the best time of my life .... For the truth is that I have no a better day of my life in specific, because every day: live with gladness and happiness, why ?, Well because a long time ago ....
When my older sister was about 5 years, ask my mom a hermanit @, but my mom could not, because when I was born m older sister, my dad he told the doctor to puciera something to my mom, so it could not have children, and he did. He put a "T" on the Matris, which only worked four years.
When they passed these four years, already you have to be replaced or removed such "T", but my dad still did not, do not know why, but good point is that my mom is embarrasses of a varon baby, obviously pregnancy, since to the fact that the "T" and did not work.
Then my parents they became very happy, and more my older sister, knowing that I would have a baby brother. Step time and like at 6 months or not which month of pregnancy, but my mom tapeworm the very big paunch ....
And the "T" that I had my mom, trait the bagin which was coming my baby brother and unfortunately died. He was to be called Jorge, like my dad, but of bad luck died, my parents and my sister were very sad ...
But it after a time, my mom went back to get pregnant, but this time of a girl, which in this case it would be my sister Amanda, after 15 days, I come to my formandome womb of my mother, too, but on one side of Amanda (that is why we are different, I come later and in a different bag).
But as I had arrived after because Amanda already formed more than me, then let us say that I still was not ready. The doctor he warned my mother that if Amanda was still forming and would not let me to do it, would die and also would carry me with me Amanda, my mom is worried a bit, but then no longer ....
Because it Amanda stop formed to me that I will form, and apparently me forme more because I'm higher than she then when it came time, Amanda was born, and afterwards me.
Cried a lot to the get here but that was about the best time of my life, because I arrived with a mom, dad and sisters who love me very much and I will support forever.
Therefore thank you Amanda been permitted me to form, because I can not imagine what would have happened if I had died and along with it, or that my little brother alla born,
I did not say I would not have wanted to be born if n that would have happened if he was born? and my parents wanted Ubiera even so have us ?, ose that ubiera chance we were born, just I can not imagine what would have happened if I was not here, so I thank you be here alive.
While passing through difficult times will be happy whatever happens, he is now today who takes care of me from heaven is my sweet and beautiful little brother.
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