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No description

Fran Matera

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Goal

A Fresh Journey to the Top
Aleks Cataruzolo, Gian Demano, Jason Kalafut
Create the groundwork for McBride Services to nationally expand
Objective One: Big Business
Create a "big business" persona for McBride Services throughout their online presence
Objective Two: ImPRESS
Secure press coverage and media hits for McBride Services
Thank you!
Tactic 1.1 - Logo Enhancement
Modify or create a new logo for McBride Services
Increase showiness and modernness while remaining trustworthy
Tactic 1.2 - Website Reconstruction
- Text

- Stillness

+ Pictures

+ Movement

+ Ease of Navigation
Replace old website head shots
Tactic 1.3 - Revitalizing Social Media
Post more frequently and engaging

Eliminate less useful social media outlets

Use CRM to increase customer orientation

Tactic 1.4 - Video Graphics
Recruit Fixed Heart Films to make a 3.5 minute "Hollywood-style" film

Video Testimonials

Showcase McBride as experts in construction and insurance

Pitch stories weekly to a media list consisting of local and national trade publications

Write byline articles on behalf of McBride for industry blogs and publications

Make appearances as guest experts on televised news

Tactic 2.2 - Socially Responsible
Position McBride as a socially responsible company

Get involved with Habitat For Humanity

Highlight McBride's philanthropic endeavors

Secure articles based on philanthropy
Tactic 2.1 - Experts in the Field
Benchmark One
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