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trapped between the lash and the gun

No description

mustafa sonbol

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of trapped between the lash and the gun

Mood/tone Characters The protagonist is jordan
the antagonist is is masta henning, king and the gang Protagonist/antagonist Back in the nineteenth century when his past calls him back to help Trapped between the lash and the gun By, Arvella Whitmore Setting Authors mood relaxed,excited,suspense and weary Jordan Henning
king (top dog of the gang)
Masta Henning
Jordans mother and sister
Kings gang members
Paddy rollers main Conflict Climax Point of view

First Person point of view Jordan makes a decision to stay in the hood and join the Cobras. But his past calls him back to the 19th century and now he knows about the real life.Jordan must live with the constant threat of the whips lashing. The guns pushing at him along with the gang. This climax is the part when jordan gets in the hay bed and he gets transported back to his time with the watch!!!!!!! BY. mustafa sonbol chapters Chapters Plot summary Twelve year-old Jordan Scott steals his grandfather’s pocket watch with the idea to pawn it for a gun. As he passes through the underpass near the pawn shop, the city disappears, and he finds himself in Antebellum South. Mistaken for a runaway slave, Jordan is taken to Hilltop Plantation where he meets his great-grandfather, Uriah Henning, a ten year-old boy. The watch belongs to Mr. Henning, the plantation owner. As Jordan picks cotton, survives on a starvation diet of cornbread and salt pork witch is only the size of our palm, and faces the lash, he tries to find a way to steal the watch so that he can return home. Before he’s able to affect his own escape, Mr. Henning sells him on the auction block. Jordan’s new owner makes it possible for him to return to his own time. The events that lead up to his return to help Jordan understand how the watch came to be a part of his family’s past, and his experiences as a slave give him an entirely new outlook on life. 1-5 1. jordan moves to the suburb 2.jordan gets into the cobras (the gang) 3.he decided to steal his grand fathers pocket watch 4.jordan gets sent back to the 1900 and becomes a slave 6-10 5.jordan escapes the plantations 6.jordan gets caught and taken back but jordan stole the watch so he could go back to his time 7.hides and goes to the underground rail road 8.jordan hides in hay bed and gets sent back to his time 9.jordan gets jump for saying he wants out 10. jordan gets in the hospital but every thing turns out great at the end Climax Theme how i feel about this book THE END when jordan happenes to get transported to the 1900 and becomes a slave dont always go with your gut because what comes around goes around i give this book a 5 star rating for how it role plays and how it sucked me in to the book it actuly felt like i was there in the book like it was all happening to me
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