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Copy of Lightbulb moment

No description

Alastair Watson

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Lightbulb moment

Let's Get Digital
Whats it all about?
Project ideas
Who can apply?
What's it all about?
Next steps
The funding enables you to recruit an intern to deliver a digital project.

They will be employed on a full time basis for 6 weeks & be a graduate or have a HND equivalent qualification (Living wage)

A business mentor will be recruited for both the intern and your organisaiton

Payroll is processed by SCVO

The project should deliver "Business growth" in third sector organisations, micro businesses and SMEs

Project ideas

- your first one, refresh your current one or a total overhaul

Social Media
- developing a strategy, training employees or expanding it's use

Online Fundraising
- crowd funding projects, sponsorship events etc.

- keeping track of clients/stakeholders

Make your organisation mobile
- being tied to your desk might not be the most efficient approach

Who can apply?
Next steps

Third Sector organisations - including social enterprises, credit unions housing associations and more - just ask

You must be registered with HMRC

You should have policies, procedures and Liability Insurance

A desk

Have a clearly defined project that relates to digital and will deliver business growth.

Business growth?
This should be relevant to both your organisation's aims and the project, for example:

"launching a website will allow us to connect with more people over a wider geographical area"

"a presence on social media will help to raise the awareness of our organisation, give us access to a broader range of resources and keep people up to date"

"Using an online booking system for rooms and resources will make us more efficient as an organisation and free up our time to focus on delivering services"

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