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Changing Student's Attitude Toward Math

No description

Kathy Starr

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Changing Student's Attitude Toward Math

Background photo by t.shigesa

Students View Math
as the
Changing Student's Attitudes
Toward Math

Break off the present negative culture
around math in attitude, behavior, skills
and poor performance in K - 12 schools throughout Washington
Suggestion. . . . .
View Math
as a Sport!

1. Class Time =
2. Homework =
3. Conditioning =
Breakfast, Sleep, Exercise
4. Sport Skills/Tactics =
Study Skill Strategies
5. Tests =

the Game
6. Post-Game =
Identifying Types of Errors
Coaching Students
1. Teach students
how math
is a "mental sport

priorities and expectations align with math priorities

Success= effort, Commitment required, Stay positive

3. Teach students the
importance of physical and mental readiness
(Tired and hungry students don't grasp concepts)

4. Emphasize how math develops
valuable character qualites

1. Practice improves performance
2. Attention to detail is crucial.
3. Perseverance leads to breakthroughs
4. Procrastination increases anxiety
5. A positive attitude changes ones destiny

Eating protein increases alertness
2. Share with instructors, students, and parents the value of viewing
math as a sport
3. Statewide, to see students experience
breakthroughs in math performance
knowing that their brains can do math!

the Enemy!
It's the Key that Unlocks the Future!
Many wonderful job opportunites
The Challenge!
Students Need a New Perspective
How Does a Student Train ?



making excuses and
take responsibility
Will Perform Better
When They View Math as a Mental Sport
Student's will discover their brains CAN DO MATH!

I have seen this miracle happen over and over again!
What used to seem
will now becomes
Students will begin to
Changing their perspective will change the outcome !
Selah School District
lead the way in Math success and model a transformation for Washington State and the country.
What about that!
Your brain can excell at math!
Students Understand
How to Be Successful in Sports
They really don't know what it takes to do well in math!
Math is a
Mental Sport
Math is more like a SPORT than a subject.
Factors for Math SUCCESS
1. Not Missing Class
2. Positive Attitude
3. Using Graph Paper
4. Having a Test Strategy
5. Double Checking All Work
6. Being Patient /Persevering
7. Eating Protein/ 7-8 hrs. Sleep
8. Know Fast Facts
9. Evaluating Test Errors
10. Setting Goals to Succeed
11. Doing ALL Homework Problems
12. Celebrating Small Victories
1. They realize doing a sport takes
. . . so does math
2. They show up for class and
do ALL the homework
because doing well in a sport takes practice!
3. They
understand doing poorly

is a result of procrastination not because"I can't do math!"
eat breakfast and get sleep

because their brains
need protein to focus in class.
5. They stop their negative self-talk and
start believing in themselves.
6. They
set goals
and work hard to reach them

7. They stop cramming and and start
studying three days ahead for their tests.
Training Strategies
Kathy Starr MFA
Yakima Valley Community College
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