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Teacher Information 2014-15

No description

Kathy Price

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Teacher Information 2014-15

Where to find the teacher manual and other important information dealing with crisis situations:
On interact go to the Sedway Middle School 545 Icon, then click on 545 Critical Event Accounting.

In the 545 Critical Event Accounting Icon after you click on trainings you will find the following:

CRP Teacher's Handbook 2016-2017
Teacher Crisis Response Classroom Reference sheet.
How to write and submit a dean's referral.
Where: Referrals are located in Infinite Campus.
How to write and submit a referral
Crisis Information
Important information
Lets have a Fabulous 2015-2016 School Year
Step 1: Log into infinite campus
(User ID and password is the same as what you use to log into your school computer.)
Step 2: Click on index
1. You may practice in the sandbox.
a. You might be asking what is the sandbox: It is an online site that allows you to practice.

The link is: campus.ccsd.net/campus/clark_sandbox.jsp

2. Remember that this system is new to all of us.

3. Stay away from Mrs. Cole she is working hard to get all the new students put into the system.

4. Remember it will get easier.

5. Remember not to put any students' names in the details. Use the following instead: He, she, other student, peer, female and/or male.

A few things before I take your questions:
Email Kathy Price on interact for more information.
What do I need to know if there is a crisis in my building?
Examples of Crisis:
Gun shots (In or out of the building)
Aircraft accident in/near Cadwallader
Arrest pr Criminal Indictment of Staff Member
Bees/Animal on Campus
Biological/Chemical Threat
Bomb threat/Threatening Calls/Suspicious Package
Chemical/Hazardous Materials/Toxic Emissions Incident
Civil Unrest
Death Occurring on Campus
Disruptive/Unruly Person
Flood/Dam Failure
What do I need to know if there is a crisis in my building?

Lets start by defining what is a crisis situation:
Hostage/Barricaded Person
Intruder/Suspicious Person on Grounds
Intruder/suspicious Person in building
Kindnapping/Attempted Abduction/Missing Child
Landslide/Mud F;pw
Radiological Release Incident
School Shooting/Weapon Use on Campus
Sexual Assualt
Suicide by Student/Staff off Campus
Tornado/Severe Weather
Utilities Failure
Weapon on Campus (No Assault)
Teacher's Crisis Handbook 2014-15
Dress Code
Morning Supervision Schedule
This is what a lot of
teachers are
Add event/participate
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