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Think Big By Benjamin Carson with Cecil Murphey

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Reshmi Balakrishnan

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of Think Big By Benjamin Carson with Cecil Murphey

The most interesting thing about Think Big by Ben Carson with Cecil Murphey is to get to know how much he went to through to become of the top Neurosurgeons in the world. When I read Think Big , I was astounded about how he persevered after the several tragedies in his life. How he kept getting up after falling down Inspired me to do the same. Ben Carson's mother, Sonya CaRSON ONLY Had a third grade education but she still worked hard, doing multiple jobs to bring her children the best education. She always told Ben" You can do anything anyone can do-only better!" Ben Used to be the dumbest Kid in his class until his mother put her foot down and Decided He had to work harder. IT is what made Ben Carson who he is today. Ben Carson is someone who is made to inspire Everybody.
You may be asking me why, why should I read this book? I have just the answer for you. You should not read this book if it you're going to do it against your will, read this book if you are willing to be inspired, motivated and share emotions or Experiences. The reason why I read this book at first was to gain knowledge, but by the middle I knew it was a book of heart and soul that I would never forget. Think Big stands out from other books like a sore thumb, but in a good way because it's a book which every reader will be tenacious with. Reading think big is an adventure of its own. You will Never regret reading it.
Thank You!
Any Feedback, Questions or comments?

Theme Summary
The big Idea or theme of Think Big was to think Big. BY THINKING Big i MEAN setting Goals and working towards them. Mr. Ben Carson gave many examples of times where he did this. One example that I found truly Inspiring was the surgery he conducted on two twins who were joined at the back of the head. Ben Carson's goal was to successfully separate the twins without causing the other twin to pass away. He successfully did this surgery and was recognized for this. Mr. Ben Carson achieved this because he believed he could do it, He believed in himself. Mr. Ben carson inspired millions of readers to Think Big. In the book, he Mentioned to readers that Think Big stands for:
talent We have been gifted with many
honesty Talents, but it is up to us to Think
Insight Big.

In-Depth Knowledge
with Cecil Murphey
Think Big By Benjamin Carson
Presented By Reshmi Balakrishnan
Thank You!
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