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user flows

Ava Tan

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of eGrades

eGrades Tanjo Endozo - User Analyst Tina Dimayacyac, Richard Fiesta, Ava Tan - Programmers Who are the users? College students Teachers User Flow for Teachers 1 Teacher goes to website and
registers 2 Once registered, teacher
enters login information Teachers sees My Classes
Page and adds a class 3 Teacher selects a Class 4 Refer to official class list to
double check those who enlisted;
remove those who don't belong 5 Modify the Requirements page Modify Schedule page Close the class after the sem Logout 6 7 8 9 User Flow Students Mobile Register 1 REG <Complete Name> <Desired PIN> to 2222 2 Enroll in a class ENROLL <Course Code> <PIN> to 2222
(Course code given by Teacher) 3 Get enrolled classes LIST to 2222
Get keywords for his/her classes From 2222: Hi Richard Fiesta, here is the list of all your

View Standing 4 STANDING <Course Keyword> <PIN> to 2222
eg. STANDING <ENG12><1234> to 2222
Compute for Target Grade View breakdown of grades Post a comment 5 6 7 TARGET <Course Keyword><Target Grade> <PIN> to 2222
eg. TARGET <ENG12><1.0><1234> to 2222
BDOWN <Course Keyword> <PIN> to 2222
eg. BDOWN <ENG12><1234> to 2222
POST <Course Keyword> <PIN><MSG> to 2222
eg. POST <ENG12><1234><Ma'am are you
available for consultation tom?> to 2222
From 2222: Hi Richard Fiesta, your current standing in
ENG12 is 1.25. Keep it up!
Hi Richard Fiesta, you need an average of 70%
of your remaining class requirements to get a
1.0 in ENG12.

Hi Richard Fiesta, here is the breakdown for your
ENG12 grade so far:

Essay 1 - 100
Essay 2 - 80
Play 1 - 140
From 2222: From 2222: User Flow
For Students
(Web) 1. Login using mobile phone
and pin 2. View grades from the past
semesters 3. Logout From 2222: Hi Richard Fiesta, welcome to eGrades!

To enroll in a class, type ENROLL <Course Code><PIN>
and send to 2222. From 2222: Hi Richard Fiesta. Congratulations! You are now part of the ENG 12 online class record. Thank you for enlisting.
Here are the available keywords:
LIST - view your classes
STANDING<Course Code><PIN> - view your current standing
TARGET<Course Code><Target Grade><PIN> - compute for target grade
BDOWN <Course Code><PIN> - view breakdown of grades
POST<Course Code><PIN><msg> - post comment for teacher
8 10 Write grades of student
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