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Scarlet Letter

No description

Jamie Durisko

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Scarlet Letter

Hester suffers from guilt inside herself and the way people treat her because of the letter feels letter burning Pearl enforces it Dimmesdale suffers from guilt and from not being able to tell everyone feels fake gives hypocritical sermons tries to cast aside guilt by admitting to nobody makes his own scarlet letter wants physical suffering to drown out internal suffering watches Hester endure everything everyone looks at him like a god undeserving Hester shows more courage and Dimmesdale
shows more want of punishment Hester suffers more because of the
way she is forced to live her life no human contact other than Pearl Pearl constantly torments her when she goes into town everyone treats her poorly at first when people do begin trying to treat her better she does not allow them to The Scarlet Letter she is a public servant and is treated poorly twice as bad because of both she is not accepted in society no man wants to be seen with her Roger also torments him Hester Dimmesdale Pearl- eternal punishment society- treats her poorly public servant no man wants to be seen with her lives in solitude- no human interaction A transitions from adulterer to able she does not have to hide her sin inside of her like Dimmesdale tormented by the fact that she knows that everyone else knows of her sin- makes it harder on herself feels guilty because nobody knows- they still look up to him (he feels undeserving) gives hypocritical sermons to save everyone else- sacrifices himself Roger constantly interrogates him- constant reminder does not have to endure the scornful looks of the people can still live in the town and interact with people without being treated differently makes his own "scarlet letter" to help with the guilt ?
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