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Zac Efron

No description

Rawan Abhari

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Zac Efron

In conclusion Zac Efron is my favorite actor and he should be in the acting business for a while longer cause after all, he is still young and loved.
awards & Nominations
Zac was nominated for these following awards:
Zac's Early Life
Zachary David Alexander Efron, or Zac Efron, is an American actor and singer. He started his acting career in the year 2000. Zac was born on October 18, 1987 in San Luis Obispo, CA. He is 26 now, not too old. Zac is most known for his huge movie trilogy, High School Musical 1,2,&3. I'm sure you guys have all seen or heard of it. His first TV appearance show was Firefly.
Funny Facts
My Thoughts On Zac
Zac acts in a lot of movies, I bet you guys have seen at least one of his movies. Who hasn't seen High School Musical? Anyway I love Zac. There are many reasons why. I mean I could go on and on. I chose Zac because a lot of celebrities have fans that love them, and fans that don't really like them, I think all of Zac's fans love him. Well, I do at least. Another reason I chose him is because he is young, not old and he is good looking. (I think)
Known For
Zac is also best known for his acting but he has sung on some occasions. He's also very adventurous. He went bungijumping 3 times. Not 1, not 2, but three. He is great actor any part he gets, he can master. Here are some of the movies he's stared in:

More about Zac
Something new I learned about Zac was he wasn't close to as good at basketball like he was in HSM, but he is still crazy about basketball. Also something interesting about him is he was offered a record deal by Simon Cowell, but said no because he says, "Acting is my main priority."
Zac looking his best :)
This picture is from the last High School Musical, when they all went to prom. :)
The Wonderful Life Of Zac Efron
High School Musical (2005)
Upcoming Movies
The Neighbors (2014)
That Awkward Moment (2014)
The Lorax (2012)
The Lucky One (2012)
Hairspray (2007)
Charlie St. Cloud (2010)
17 Again (2009)
If he could swap lives with anyone, it would be the Queen of England.
Zac’s first celebrity crush was supermodel Tyra Banks. When he was a kid, he stole his mother’s Victoria’s Secret magazine, tore out a picture of Tyra and taped it to his bedroom ceiling!
Zac admitted to being starstruck when he met Angelina Jolie. He says he “turns into a fifth grader” every time he talks to her.
Zac’s first kiss was in 7th grade during a game of Truth or Dare!
He can’t live without Western Bacon Cheeseburgers from Carl’s Jr. or Orange Chicken from Panda Express.
He accidentally cut off one of his eyebrows in the 5th grade while working with scissors — then he cut the other to match!
Zac at one of his photo shoots :)
Baby Zac! I guess you could say he's been cute all his life
Speaking of Zac being funny.....
Zac showing off his basketball skills :)
Zac Efron
By: Rawan Abhari
A+E Television Networks, LLC
TTT West Coast, Inc.
In partnership with
Warner Bros. Entertainment
Title: Zac Efron
Zac at his latest public appearance at the Peoples Choice awards :)
BFCA Award
3 MTV Movie Awards
Blimp Award
Actor Award
8 Teen Choice Awards
2 Young Choice Awards
Zac won these following awards:
Family Television Award
Hollywood Film Award
2 MTV Movie Awards
Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Award
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award UK
2 People's Choice Awards
ShoWest Award
9 Teen Choice Awards
Zac accepting a couple of the many awards he has won. :)
Author: Sheila Griffin
Published: 2010
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