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RICHNEEDLE - Performance Technology Innovation

No description

Maxx Henry-Frazer

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of RICHNEEDLE - Performance Technology Innovation

- Performance


The Evolution in Rich Media ROI
RichNeedle is a performance network that extends the engagement and monetization opportunities associated with rich media consumption across all devices by combining video/photo content with hotspots, direct-to-cart shopping, form capture, location based targeting, and the most innovative Facebook ad unit created to date.
RichNeedle brings engagement and monetization up to speed with the dramatic growth of rich media content creation, consumption and distribution that we see today.
Better Engagement = Better Convesion
100hrs of Video Uploaded to Youtube every minute
350 Million photos uploaded to Facebook daily
31% of active online audience post or upload video
85% of US Internet audience watched online video in April 2013
89 Million people in the U.S. are going to watch 1.2 billion videos today
Everyday on Facebook people watch 500 years of video
23% of all social media messages include links to content
92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others
41% of adult internet users repost photos and videos that they have found online
Content Everywhere
Is a bit.ly link the most engaging way to drive traffic back to the brand's site?

Is the content compelling enough at that point to warrant leaving Facebook to learn more?
"Significant challenges remain: Social commerce — whatever the model — needs to better reflect the fundamental rule of e-commerce, which Amazon has always championed: Consumers will click to buy when it's relatively effortless. That's even more true of a casual shopper who ends up on a retailer's site because of a social recommendation. That intent to buy is fragile and can quickly evaporate. Currently, social commerce strategies involve too many intermediate steps before a user ends up in front of the crucial "buy" button."
Business Insider - The Rise of Social Commerce 2013

Facebook Today - Image Post
The Engagement Gap
Facebook Today - Video Post
Social Media Isn't Always Part of the Customer Journey
Even though social media or social commerce is a key engagement tool, the report has found that despite efforts it doesn't always draw potential customers to an e-commerce site nor does it have a high conversion rate.

[Social commerce is] representing just 1.55 percent of all traffic and a conversion rate of less than three-quarters of one percent, “social commerce” is a unicorn, at least in terms of last-touch attribution,” said Baer.

These numbers result from the fact that many marketers don’t use social media to encourage fans and followers to visit their brand’s website. According to the report there are a variety of issues, one of which is session interruption where fans don’t want to leave Facebook or Twitter to visit another site, but save the information and visit the site later.
- MONETATE Ecommerce Quarterly Report EQ1 2013
Tablet Video Experience Today
Online Video Experience Today

72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week

Tablet owners spent 63% of their time on video sessions over 10 minutes in length.

Tablet traffic now accounts for more than 10% of all ecommerce site traffic.

For the longest kind of online content, the tablet has become the first screen, nearly tripling the amount of time people watch hour-plus video on desktop (28.56% to 10.45%).

Stage Stores video
Is the current tablet video experience optimized for conversion?
According to a recent study by Invodo and the e-tailing group, half of all online consumers are more confident about their purchase decisions after viewing a product video. The conversion power of video is further demonstrated by the fact that two-thirds of consumers who watch product videos multiple times ultimately buy the product. As for the size of the sale, quality videos and site images have been shown to increase cart size an impressive 174%.

Does your video content convert potential consumers?
The RichNeedle Solution
Facebook Image Commerce
Facebook Video Commerce
Tablet Video Commerce
Online Video Commerce
RichNeedle's tools can create an interactive photo gallery with one click shopping directly from the News Feed. Showcase more product, in a much more engaging format, without forcing the consumer to leave Facebook.
Image Post Today
Better Engagement = Better Conversion
Leveraging that exact same piece of content RichNeedle enables the brand to give the consumer instant access to the product being featured without removing them from Facebook.
Better Engagement = Better Conversion
Fossil creates wonderful music content to support their brand image, but doesn't maximize it's value by allowing the consumer to immediately shop the styles found within it. Extend the engagement and add real ROI measurement to your content strategy. Partner with RichNeedle today!
Better Engagement = Better Conversion
This Stage Stores' video has the potential to do so much more when played within RichNeedle's Mobile Video Player. Catch the consumer at the most critical point, when they are fully immersed in the content!
Better Engagement = Better Conversion
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