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PayneWest Region 4 Strategy Session

No description

Ryan Bramlette

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of PayneWest Region 4 Strategy Session

PayneWest Region 4 Strategy Session
Big Sky, MT
December 10-11

May- Tyler Holland $17,325
June- Dave Purcell $10,509
July- Rich Begger $16,368
August- Doug Jensen $13972
Sept- Brady Hoiness $15,027
Oct- Rich Begger $19,931
Some of our Top NB Wins of '13
P&P Industries- Rich Begger
Brandon White
Sitkins Group
Quantification- What our prospects/clients think of as their cost .vs what their true costs actually are...How can we quantify that?
Prospect- Case Study
Groups to discuss different strategies to open up the door. Goal is to get an appointment.

Group to discuss opening discussion/ executive briefing. What does that sound like?

PWI/ R4 Goals 2014
MT CL Growth
From 3% to 5%

NB to Base-
10-15%....over time
Proactive recruiting and talent perpetuation execution
P3- Cohesive message/ training
Prospecting discipline
New Relationships
WiKi Risk / Clear Risk
Mentorship/ Finish as Mentors


Do what's right (be professional)
Collaborate (team player- be engaged)
Educate (Business Acumen)
Come Prepared
Provide P3
Do what we say we will do (self accountable)
Produce (self motivated)
Deliver + One (stretch goal oriented)
3 C's

Why do we do what we do....what is the PWI Why?
"Wise Guys"
John McGree
Tom Holland
Rich Begger
Dynamic Producer/ AM Teams
....Wrapping Up
Natural Progression of a
Sollution/ Next Steps
Northern Hotel- Doug and Nate
Tri County Mechanical- Shaun Peterson
Montana Silversmiths- Rich
Cross Petroleum- Keith and Nate
How will you get better in 14?
Accountability Partner?
Two Books-
Challenger Sale
Power ?'s
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