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Copy of Unity Of Faith

No description

Diya Pillai

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Unity Of Faith

All people have a common faith , god the almighty.

what's unity?....
similarities in the major religions ?
we see temples , mosques and churches everywhere we go

what is the reason for all this?

We all believe in our own religions and believe that it is the best but what we don't know is all the religions lead to one eternal goal,

and one eternal entity and that is......
Christianity -

"religions are many,
but the goal is one"
jainism -
Buddhism -
Hinduism -
Bhagavad Gita
Zoroastrianism -
Islam -
- Sri Sathya Sai Baba
how do they pray?....
what're the holy books of the religions
show us how this is possible ?..
We as humans believe in different religions but what we mostly do is think of other religions as inferior.....
what we do not see is that all religions are just tools to reach the all pervading Divinity

major religions in the world :

Rama Krishna Paramahamsa was a famous mystic of 19th-century India.
He is also referred to as "Paramahamsa" by his devotees, as such he is popularly known as Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

rama krishna paramahamsa ....
our situation on the night before the math exam , the moment when we barter with God asking him for good grades in return for prayers !
we call this "socially united"
Spiritual exercises like: worship (puja)
adoration (bhajan)
meditation (dhyana)
are activities prompted by devotion (bhakthi) to higher powers.

this is also called "socially united"
so why not this ?
A little history about this accomplished soul...
Now what he proved was totally amazing...
He actually tested and proved that all religions may have different Gods and different ways of praying but they all lead to ONE!!
We sadly have come to an end of our presentation...
Thankyou for being such a wonderful audience and we hope u enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed presenting it and all this was not possible without Swami undoubtedly....
And our wonderful gurus for guiding us, so HATS OFF!!! uncles and aunties!!
and last but not the least our group members:

conceptes of god described in major religions
god = indwelling spirit (one) in different religions
:The universe is filled with him . he posseses the purest power of reaching everything, he stands seen encompassing all in the world
: It is we who created man , and we know what dark suggestionshis soul makes to him! for we are nearer to him than his jugular veins .

christianity : in him we live , and move , and have our being

jainism : the lord jina is seen in all three worlds : in the omnisient knowledge of the god , the world is reflected omniscient,supreme.and perfect soul resides in one's heart.

zoroastrainism : the eternal lord of wisdom is the most prior thinker ,whose sparks are all prevading in the limitless light , and who through his wisdom is the creator and sustainer of the best mind and immutable law of order

abdul kalam : a lessom for my teacher ( all religions are one )
The common echo in the world religion ....

Religion links man to God . Every religion always establishes a relationship between man and God or the infinite . It seeks to help man to understand the principles of oneness of life and universal love. Many preach hinduism , but very few realise the divinity in all . May preach christianity but how many practise the one single commandment of christ:-"Love thy neighbour as you love thyself" . Many embrace islam but how many religion recogonize the truth recited in the koran that -"All men are God's creation", Hence the world is wicked out for the want of truth not an account of religions . But alas-it is wicked for the lack of true followers of these high ideals. Preaching has become their object of scorn.
profound truth !!
Time for a skit !
starring :
bharan : muslim boy ( aslam)
siddharth : muslim boy (rahim)
prathiba : hindu girl (seetha )
diya : hindu girl ( lakshmi
amey : resolver
running time : 7 minutes
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