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Story Elements Review

Review of select story elements for a 7th grade class

Martin Schoket

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Story Elements Review

Point of View
Rising Action
Falling Action
Theme Story Elements Take notes and examples from video Setting Includes most of the story and all of the conflict Rising Action http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL495B69FA814C8373 Protagonist & Antagonist First Person vs.
Third Person Point
of View Everything that happems after the climax, leading to the resolution Falling Action Climax Conflict--Struggle Last part of the plot where the strands or details of the story are tied together to resolve the conflict(s). Resolution Theme Plot 1st: Story told by a character in the story
("I" / "My" OR "We" / "Our" stories) 3rd: Story told by a narrator or someone outside of the story
(omniscient: knows everything, including character thoughts) http://writingxmu.wikispaces.com/file/view/first.png/234568540/311x226/first.png http://www.fuelyourwriting.com/files/128813734764393810.jpg http://writingxmu.wikispaces.com/file/view/omniscient.png/234570748/254x212/omniscient.png Sequence of events that tell a story Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Details, Details, Details Details, Details, Details Detail 1: sweet, angelic tones Detail 2: Judge based on popularity Detail 3: YouTube views will be deciding factor Detail 1: Numbers don't lie Detail 2: Let someone else decide? Detail 3: Someone else deciding would have been a better approach The OMG! denouement catastrophe Agree to disagree... One submits to the other... Let someone else decide... Tornado. "We both like One Direction, so it doesn't matter which song is better." "Based on the number of youtube views, 'What Makes You Beautiful' is better. You're right." "It would be best if someone else settled our dispute." Character: Not necessarily "good" vs. "bad," though that is a common occurrence. Static=Same Dynamic=
Changing Let's Play: Protagonist or Antagonist? "Man"/Protagonist vs. "Man"/Character Nature Self Society Food? "What Makes You Beautiful" has than 100 million+ views more than "One Thing!" OMG!!! Central idea or message about which the author is writing. In which part of the story does the author write the theme? Irony? http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=one+direction&oq=one+direction&gs_l=youtube.3..0l10.75857.80061.0.80788.
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