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2014 EES_Knowledge Brokers

Presentation for European Evaluation Society bi-annual conference, Dublin, September 2014

Karol Olejniczak

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of 2014 EES_Knowledge Brokers

Evaluation Units as Knowledge Brokers
Towards a Diagnostic Framework

Practice of Polish evaluation units
Research Questions
Research Approach
1. Idenfication of knowledge needs
2. Synthesis of existing knowledge
7. Support for culture of evaluation use
3. Production of new knowledge
4. Dissemination of research findings
5. Knowledge accumulation
6. Development of communication channels
Karol Olejniczak: k.olejniczak@uw.edu.pl
EUROREG - University of Warsaw, www.euroreg.uw.edu.pl
Tomasz Kupiec: t.kupiec@evaluation.pl
EGO s.c., www.evaluation.pl
Estelle Raimondo: eraimondo@gwmail.gwu.edu
TSPPPA - George Washington University, www.tspppa.guw.edu

Why it matters?
European Context
The problem
Starting idea
Research Questions
F6: Development of Communication channels
F4: Dissemination of research findings
F7: Support for culture of evaluation use
New Framework
Performance gap
Knowledge gap
Input from
the literature
SCOPUS query : (TITLE-ABS-KEY ("knowledge broker*") OR ("broker* knowledge") OR ("boundary organi?ation") OR ("bridging organi?ation"))
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