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The Politics of Slow Food - Leitch

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A.R. Dixon

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Politics of Slow Food - Leitch

The Politics of Slow Food - Leitch
Presentation: Isis Navarro; Theory/Setting: Dixon

Main Points
The rise of the 'Little Snail' in Tuscany, Italy. Creating the Slow Food Project by Carlo Petrini.

Slow Food recognized endangered foods that hold the legacy of traditional cuisine all over the world. It interfere when local health authorities invaded the privacy of Lardo production.

Drawing attention to the cult of speed

Launching Anti-GMO campaign

"Virtuous Globalization:Seeking rupture binary oppositions, refiguring the idea of locality as a kind of ethical glocalism,

Prof. Dixon will speak about the "Virtuous Globalization"
Discussion Questions
How has the fast food industry impacted our society? How does it relate to the "fast life" lived here?

Where does our food come from? How do our food choices affect the rest of the world?
Dr. Alison Leitch
Professor of Sociology in Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia

Dr. Leitch began a research project looking at the emergence of the Slow Food movement in Tuscany, Italy. This research resulted in the publication of articles in various international journals, including a contribution to a photo book on Lardo di Colonnata.
Lardo di Colonnata
(Pork Fat) Locally Produced in Colonnata, a tiny village located at the end of windy mountain, a road off Carrara in central Italy. It is the best source of calorific energy.
Slow Food is founded in Italy.
International Slow Food movement founded at Opéra Comique in Paris and Slow Food Manifesto signed.
First Slow Food International Congress held in Venice.
Slow Food Germany is created
The introduction of the European Union standard protocols were argued
Slow Food holds the first experimental Salone del Gusto in Turin, where it presents the Ark of Taste project. The Salone goes on to become a biennial event and one of the most important international fairs dedicated to artisan, sustainable food and the small-scale producers that safeguard local taditions and high quality products.

Biotechnology in France

"Confederation Paysanne" CP
Launcheda nti-GMO campaign. ANTI-Globalization message defending rights of peasant workers and indigenous people against agricultural technology.
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