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UP UP AND AWAY BY: Mahogany and Armani

No description

Karen Simmons

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of UP UP AND AWAY BY: Mahogany and Armani

Mahogany & Armani Up Up And Away Types of Planes Principles of Flight Opinion - Airplanes have improved over the years.
- The Wright Brothers invented the first airplane in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
- The US Military financially supported the airplane industry beginning in WW1.
- Airplanes are able to maneuver in many direction. Some can even fly upside down. -Commercial Transport Planes are large planes that carry large amounts of things like the Boeing 747
-Float Planes use floats instead of wheels and can float on water to land
-Military Planes are used in the military to help fight the enemies
-Twin Engine jets are the smallest of all the engine jets but most of the airliners use them today -Lift and thrust work together to help the plane
-Drag and gravity work together against the plane
-There are 4 forces of flight that are lift, drag, gravity, and thrust
-Lift pulls something upward
-Drag pulls the plane the opposite way it's supposed to go
-Gravity puts weight on the plane
-Thrust makes the plane go the way it want's to go -I think airplanes are amazing on how they work and how it's possible to make a big metal bird fly.
-I think airplanes are a good way to help people go to different places. Also if we didn't have airplanes we couldn't travel the world and learn different things. General Facts
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