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When You Reach Me!

No description

Teresa Gomez

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of When You Reach Me!

When You Reach Me By Rebecca Stead Book summary When You Reach Me, is about a 6th grade girl named Miranda who lives with her single mother in New York City. During this book Miranda mother does not like her job so she signs up for this game show called The 20,000 Pyramid which she has been waiting for three years long.
Miranda goes through friendship problems with her bestfriend Sal because one day he gets punched in the stomach by a kid when they were walking home.
Also one afternoon, coming home from school Miranda found her apartment door unlocked witch was really strange to her because when she went in the people did not take anything.
Miranda also meets new friends and starts to realize that she is getting strange notes from someone.
Miranda also starts to work at this sandwich shop called Jimmy's during her lunch for school. Miranda also has this homeless guy who lives on her street but soon she realizes that the homeless guy is actually someone she is really close too. Character Analysis Miranda
To me she is quit, she only reads the book A Wrinkle in Time, and she is very upset because her mother does not enjoy her job and also she is very caring to her friends and family. Sal
Mirandas best friend since they were babies he is very protected of Miranda he also likes to play basketball and he is not very smart. Annemarie
Miranda friend who is also very rich compared to Miranda, she is popular in school and has a mean friend named Julia. Mom
Miranda mother she had here at a young age she lets Miranda do what ever she wants as long she puts a note, she is lazy but she is a very good mother to Miranda. Louisa
She is sals Mother she works at a nursing home and she brings leftovers from work to Miranda house and that helps them with food. Evaluation I give this book 5 out of five stars because this book is a realistic fiction book, i also like it because it is a heart warming book and the promblems that Miranda is having people can relate to them so that is why i like the book Compare and Contrast I will compare When you Reach me to Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor i will show you the differences and the similarity in a vein diagram When You Reach Me Waiting For Normal Same . Miranda lives in New York . Addie live in a Trailer home . Both parents divorced . Both in middle school . Miranda works . Addie does not work . Both going trough friendship promblems . Addie has 2 sisters . Miranda has no siblings . Miranda mom has a job . Addie mother does not have a job Thank You for listening
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