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from zero to mobile web app in sixty minutes

MeteorJS & PhoneGap and other open source tools make developing very sophisticated web applications fast and fun

Alan Blount

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of from zero to mobile web app in sixty minutes

from zero to mobile web app in sixty minutes
Web app deployable to mobile devices
Web Developer

PHP / PERL / Python / Node / Ruby / Bash
Apache / Nginx / Varnish / etc
Linux (Ubuntu / Debian / Red Hat / etc)

Chrome / FireFox / etc
Vim / Emacs / Eclipse / etc
Git / Mercurial / SVN / etc
jQuery / prototype / moo
twitter bootstrap css / etc
HTML5 boilerplate / 360

CakePHP / Kohana / etc
Code Igniter / Larevel / etc
Wordpress / Drupal / etc

Django / Plone / Flask / etc

AngularJS / Backbone / etc
EmberJS / KnockoutJS / etc

Standing on the
shoulders of giants!

PhoneGap / Cordova
PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about.
Makes the browser into an App
Meteor is a way of writing applications
that are ready for 2013, not 1996.

All of this data is also on the server
A near "magical" deployment process
A very simple and fast local development server
Kept in sync between the 'server' and 'client'
secured and filtered by 'publish' and 'subscribe'
When code changes, the local server restarts and
all open browsers "refresh" (hot code push)
All JS, CSS, HTML aggregated, minified,
"bundled" and sent to production server
Reactive templates
Real-Time data syncronization
Using Xcode you can
run your PhoneGap
app on your local
iOS device or an
emulated iOS device
Play with Presenteract at:

Improve Presenteract at:
Meteor Resources
Docs/API/Examples - http://docs.meteor.com/
Resource Roundup - http://goo.gl/cVlbB
Videos - http://www.eventedmind.com/
Book - http://www.discovermeteor.com/
Much gratitude to all the Giants
on whose shoulders I stand.
Now What?
We have to choose
how to build our
web application
May/2013 - by: Alan Blount - https://github.com/zeroasterisk
So, your
Meteor App
is looking
good in a
Lets put it
on a device.
Phone Gap is designed to work
with static HTML/JS/CSS files;
not a "server" running on the phone...
But, you
specify an
external URL as the source
and load all HTML/JS/CSS
from the remote source.
not cool
Want to know more
about how Meteor works,
and how to use it?
Come to tomorrow's workshop
where I'll be going over code...
Ok ok, fine. Here's a sample: This is how the presenter sets the active slide in the deck
So, how do I get HTML5 in an App?
$39 (well worth it)
(see the "about" page)
(deep dive)
Alan's Approximation
Images form the book: "Discover Meteor"
Great Book!
Images form the book: "Discover Meteor"
Great Book!
Several Example Apps
on Meteor.com
Also Presenteract
is on GitHub
pull requests welcome
Secured on the server by
allow/deny logic on the
collection, using the built-in
"accounts" oAuth system
Option #1
Cordova in Meteor
via client request from Meteor to Cordova JS
Option #2
Meteor in iFrame
PhoneGap index.html loaded, Meteor in iFrame with API to device
Option #3
Meteor Overload
I am working on a project which is a hybrid approach,
load Cordova via PhoneGap index.html
load Meteor via AJAX request, take over the <head> & <body>,
then connect to the DDP...
Refer to PhoneGap
Guide for other Devices
Same WWW/Meteor App
for all of them !
How am I going to make an app
for all of these devices?
Update: This is basically stopped by CORS

AJAX wont let me request content from a different origin domain without cross origin request headers, and I can not
get them into a Meteor App yet....

There are a couple of StackOverflow quesitons about it, but so far it has not worked for me... please contact me if you can help get CORS headers into a Meteor App...

alan [at] zeroasterisk com
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