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Medal of Honor

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lib hist

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor
By Aditi Mishra and Kailyn Kingston

Our opinion on these men is that they all have done heroic things, showing bravery, selflessness, courage, sacrifice through their extraordinary acts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tibor Rubin
Tibor Rubin was born Jewish in Hungary and was soon captured with his family and put in a concentration camp. When he was rescued by the U.S. army, he vowed that if he ever went to America he would serve in the army. Later in life, he came to the U.S. and joined the army. Once his sergeant discovered Rubin was Jewish, he was sent on impossible missions but miraculously survived and completed with success. One of his biggest accomplishments was defending a hill and single handedly fought against North Korean troops so his fellow soldiers could complete their mission. After this, the soldiers who said they would come back didn't, as they believed Rubin wouldn't survive. He was again captured in a later mission with many other troops. In the face of hunger, he risked his life many times to steal food form the enemy, to feed and himself and his soldiers. He was also their medic and tried to save them from the illnesses. He won the Medal of Honor for his tremendous work, dedication and sacrifice.
William McGonagle
Soldier McGonagle took command of the USS Liberty in April of 1996. When his ship sailed over the Eastern Mediterranean, it was attacked by Israeli forces relentlessly with jets, helicopters, and motor torpedo boats. Within the first air attack, McGonagle was severly wounded. However, he refused medical service in order to continue directing the ship's defense. In spite of his injury, he maneuvered the vessel, directed the defense, and supervised the control of flood and fire for 17 hours straight. The crew managed to keep the ship that had suffered quite a few blows, due to McGonagle's help. William was awarded the Medal of Honor because of his strong leadership, integrity and his intense work in times of stress. He showed honor becuase of his levelheadedness despite of his wound and the surprise of this attack. He also displayed sacrifice as he continued fro 17 hours with his severe injury to ensure his soldiers' safety and the U.S.'s success in this attack.
Lt. William D. Hawkins
Hawkins was a lieutenant in WW2. He was brave and very confident in his soldiers and himself. He was informed of an attack that was about to be put upon them, he had 40 men, they had 150. even with the odds he guaranteed a win, showing his confidence in his soldiers. showing his bravery, he shot down 6 Japanese machine gun nests, and with that had to kill all the men in and around them. in doing this he got wounded two times but never gave up. he eventually ran out of ammintion he threw grenades in the mouths of the japanese. he got shot in the chest, and kept moving forward. he kept on throwing grenades and in the middle of throwing one was shot dead.
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