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Technology Presentation

Presentation Professional development session

Jane Keen

on 18 May 2012

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Transcript of Technology Presentation

speeds up technology integration
easy to use/looks good
mobile friendly
Lesson Plan Opportunities
Webpage development
classroom blog
great way to work with summaries and different perspectives
multiple entry points
Lesson Plan Opportunities
summarize text
summarize a series of events or explain cause and effect
different perspectives
works well with gallery walk or jigsaw strategy
works so many different ways
Multiple entry points
Great way to do Arts integration
Fun way to approach research
Lesson Plan Opportunities
Informational poster
works well with any informational text
easily differentiated
GPS Discovery
great way to experience latitude and longitude
great way to experience exploration
can be adapted to most curriculums
fosters team building
uses reading, writing, speaking, listening, and technology
great way to implement math.
Lesson Plan opportunities
Can be used to summarize information
Can be used to create stories, and provides easy outlet for this creation with predeveloped settings and characters
Can be used to discuss topics/ideas, and debate two points of view
Easy to use
! Similar programs generally take a lot of time for students to figure out, and they take a lot of time to upload. This one is easy and fast, and you don't waste a lot of time with technical procedures.
Students love it! They are able to produce something in one class period that they can watch as a movie, and they think it is really neat!
How To.....
Go to http://goanimate.com/
Create a free account by clicking "Sign Up"
After you have logged in, click on "Make a Video"
Browse and choose the template of your choice, choose characters, then type in the dialogue in the dialogue boxes.
After you have completed the dialogue, click on make movie, and you can see your movie!
Students can then share their link to their movie with you, and you can watch it@
ToonDoo is a free comic-creating website that allows users to easily make cartoons and share them. The website is full of useful tools and features that make it easy for users to make creative cartoons regardless of the user’s artistic ability. ToonDoo has premade characters, backdrops, props, text options, and other special features that make cartoon creation fun and easy for all ages. They also have the ability to make your own characters, called TraitRs, and use them in the comics. With this program, you can insert images from other files as a background, and you can manipulate your toons so that they are in different positions in different frames. This site is very versitile and wonderful. You just create an account to get started!
How to...
Uses in the Classroom
Toondoo can be used in the literacy classroom to show an understanding of text, character, setting, etc.
Toondoo can provide a creative outlet for students who are interested in comic building. It provides a great way to summarize, but also to create!
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I am always on the hunt for tools that allow me to collect and share information with students, colleagues, and friends.

LiveBinders is an awesome tool that works like web folders in a digital 3-ring binder. You can create as many as you would like, you can share them with the world or keep them private, you can search other binders, and, most fantastically, LiveBinders is free!

While there are other great research tools out there, I like LiveBinders because it is visual and easy for others to use.
LiveBinders is a great storage tool!

You can use this site to store various sites and information for students to access while working on a unit of study or project. You can tab different topics, and have subtabs for various pieces of information within that topic you would like them to explore. In this way, your LiveBinder can act as a sort of interactive textbook.

You can also us this to organize student work. You could even use it in keeping differentiation in the classroom more organized! You could offer students a bingo sheet with loads of technology choices on it, and then allow them to build their own binder with their top five choices. Then, they can create a tab for each choice, and directly link it to their project. They can even load Word and PDF documents into their binders. This would then allow for all of their work to be in one spot when they are grading. The great thing about this is that you can actually see their finished product in the pictured link without needing to click on it and navigate away from the binder!

Special note: You can not copy and paste on this program unless you use Explorer (Chrome and Firefox both would not let me). This could be useful in the classroom, as you could ensure that everything written is in the words of the students!
Voki enables users to express themselves on the web in their own voice using a talking character. You can customize your Voki to look like you or take on the identity of lots of other types of characters… animals, monsters, anime etc. Your Voki can speak with your own voice which is added via microphone, upload, or phone.
Voki lives on your blog, social network profile and will soon be integrated in various instant messaging platforms. You will also be able to download it to most video supported phones.
Welcome to iTeach!
Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Animoto allows the student to
combine pictures with music to create awesome slide shows.

Click "Create Video" from the set of buttons in the upper left to begin, and choose a style for your video.

Animoto will then walk you through the three steps required to create a video. 1) Choose a Style, 2) Get your photos and videos, 3) Choose your music, 4) Add your text, and 5) Produce your video. Don't forget Advanced Settings to add those extra great features that make your Video pop.

Click here to learn more: http://animoto.com/blog/company/creating-videos-just-got-better/
Toondoo is an application with wonderful potential for teachers and learners. Toondoo offers a convenient platform for creating and sharing cartoons. To get started, you simply choose a single, double, or triple panel. You can import images, but Toondoo offers a wide range of characters, text bubbles, backgrounds, etc. These couldn’t be easier to select and apply.
*Capzles.com is a site that allows users to tell a story in a timeline format using pictures, video clips, audio tracks and text.
*The Create tab on the navigation bar gives users access to the capzle creation applet used by the site.
*Users then add their media moments individually and choose the background colors and theme to be used with the capzle. They can also add a description for each moment.
* Users can also add an audio track to be played in the background as their capzle is viewed.
Lesson Plan Opportunities:

Book trailers
Research reports
Photo essay
Persuasive pieces
*Forces students to summarize using very few words because Animoto limits the number of characters that can be used.


Inappropiate music
Students must be 13 to have their own account even within your educator's account.
Students can use your account. Multiple users can work on different projects within the same account.
A Glog is created using a very easy to understand, drag and drop interface that is relevant, enjoyable, and scalable for students of all ages and learning styles. A Glog is an interactive visual platform in which users create a “poster or web page” containing multimedia elements including: text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data.
Graphic galleries(image, video, audio, text)
Upload/Link/Grab(image, video, audio)
Web cam
Glog wall and Page wall
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Classroom Applications

*Timeline, sequencing
*Parts of a whole
*Parts in order
*Delivery of content
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