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Charachter theme songs

No description

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Charachter theme songs

The Great Gatsby
Jordan Baker
A song for Jordan would be "get this party started" by p!nk because she seems to be a heavy party goer. She cheats at the game of golf and seems to always wants the spotlight on her.
Myrtle Wilson
Myrtle, obviously is Toms mistress. Her husband isnt the wealthiest man and so she goes digging for gold in Toms pockets. Since she doesnt have the money she wants to get it from tom to feel like a "rich girl"
Tom Buchanan
"This love" By Maroon 5, to me seems like a pretty perfect fit for Tom. He is married to daisy but its no secret that he has a mistress in The valley of ashes. Not even to Daisy. Tom is a rich "I'm better than everyone" kind of man. like most of the characters in the novel, hes just a really big meanie head.
Nick Carraway
For nick I went a little out of my comfort zone and picked "that Green Gentleman" by panic at the disco. I picked this because he left his home in the midwest for the lights and drama of New York, and I don't think that's quite what he expected when he moved since he is so much like a turtle hiding in his shell. Observed (judged) everyone else while he secretly laid back and kinda took notes for himself about how to become this new person.
Character theme songs
For my project that I so graciously forgot about i decided to do something a little different. Throughout the chapters I've read and the characters that I know, I have decided to give them each there own theme song as to how they act and who their character is. I am sorry that i forgot about my project and I'm putting in a little extra effort to make up for it! hope you enjoy!
Jay Gatsby
I read the book back in middle school and I always had a particular interest in Jay Gatsby. How he wasn't who he said in fact he was James Gatz. It seems to me that his entire life had been a sham. How he was so secretive and to himself about everything. When I saw the movie Les Miserables The song "who am i" strangely stuck out to me as a Gatsby kind of song. How he was "condemned" he never came out for partys he kept his life to himself. Although every part of the song is not true to Gatsbys character, i fell that most of the song is relatable to him.
Daisy Buchanan
A song that totally stuck out to me for daisy was "the fear" by Lily Allen. Not only daisy but many of the other female characters in this book. The whole time period was when girls went after guys with lots of money and wanted to be rich. Daisy didn't want Gatsby because he was initially poor but come to find out hes made it good for himself. To the reader this makes daisy very shallow but at the time you would have done it too. I've always found that there's more to Daisy than meets the eye.
The End!
The Great Gatsby Character theme song!
Bailei Stout
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