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LGBT Presentation

Yeah, serious stuff here.

Elizabeth Casswell

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of LGBT Presentation

Exodus International and Do you know... how many of the major PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIAL WORK AND COUNSELING ASSOCIATIONS have determined that EX-GAY theRAPY DOESN'T WORK? ALL
THEM Do you know... how many of them have determined EX-GAY theRAPY Causes Harm? ALL
THEM American Psychiatric Association (1973)
American Psychological Association (1975)
American Medical Association (1994)
World Health Organization (1981)
Academy of Pediatrics(1999)
Council on Child and Adolescent Health (1999)
American Counseling Association (1999)
American Association of School Administrators (1999)
National Education Association (1999) WAIT... ...All of them? YES. All of them. (here is a partial list) EX-GAY THERAPY= turning "GAY" People into "STRAIGHT" PEOPLE through (non-licensed) counseling "and the love of Jesus Christ" that still... HUGE ORGANIZATIONS make (lots) selling books COnferences and "counseling" To people looking for "FREEDOM from homosexuality" and if that wasn't enough... these organizations use OUTDATED DISTORTED DISCREDITED and "RESEARCH" (fraudulent) to create briefs for the supreme court congress state courts and other governments they also use this
"research" to spread MYTHS LIES STEREOTYPES and Gays ARE promis- Gays ARE unhappy GAYS LIVE SINFUL lives make horrible parents are emotionally spread AIDS and spiritually bankrupt are DESTROYING the moral Fabric of country so if you are a child and Everyone you love believes your only option is to change (and you can't) and you don't want to be all of these things what do you choose? Focus on the Family First... Association of Social Workers (1999) Children of
Couples 15 Studies Differences Similarities sifting
the hype 1-6 Million
Children are being raised by same-sex
couples in the U.S. More likely to experience STIGMA There was NO DIFFERENCE in... possible stigma, teasing, social isolation, adjustment, sexual orientation, and strengths Using scientific studies with solid, evidence-based research. ...a combined
500 households Ellen Perrin, MD, professor of pediatrics at Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Intelligence psychiatric
disorders Self-esteem Well-being Peer Relationships Parental Stress SEXUAL ORIENTATION behavior adjustment Less aggressive more tolerant of diversity more social with peers less confined by
gender roles As an Example Lets Talk about PARENTING A MOTHER AND A FATHER" When FOF Say's, "Studies show children need They cite studies comparing SINGLE MOTHERS to (Heterosexual) Two-parent heterosexual couples So what about SAME SEX TWO PARENT households???? SO LET'S GET BACK TO THOSE MYTHS between cuous gays gays gays gays our Gays are making a choice to be gay What Can you Do??? Do not use derogatory language, EVER ...you never know who is LGBT When you hear it confront report publicly and do it Don't assume ask... are you dating anyone? instead of do you have a boyfriend? get a sticker, or button and put it where people can see it Be familiar with resources! Educate yourself Tell people about the GSSA!!! www.uabgssa.org Harvey Milk- 1978 1960's
LGBT Civil Rights Movement in the the was born a few years later... a new organization
sprouted what is now known as... new Yeah. That is about it for now.
Go spread some LOVE! We are a seriously
tiny minority 4%-6% of the
population We can't do it
without you ( )
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