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Blood Flow

Nurse Lyn's fourth period class. No partner, just me. My presentation of blood flow. Enjoy (:

Melissa Hantho

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Blood Flow

Blood Flow Right Atrium. Tricuspid Valve. Right Ventricle. Pulmonary Valve. Pulmonary Artery. Artery. Arteriole. Capillary. Venule. Vein. Pulmonary Vein. Left Atrium. Bicuspid Valve. aka...Mitral Valve. Left Ventricle. Aortic Valve. Aorta. Artery. Arterioles. Capillaries. Venules. Vein. Inferior Vena Cava. or the Superior Vena Cava. Beginning with the Right Atrium. Now goes to the Lungs... Back to the... Alveoli. CO2 -> O2 By Melissa De Sessa (: O2 -> CO2 Now goes to the body cells...
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