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The Arabian Gulf & The Arab World

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Kristina Krekman

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of The Arabian Gulf & The Arab World

The Arabian Gulf & The Arab World
Climate #1
Wind :)
In the Gulf, Arab countries have very similar weatther coniditions. The Gulf Arab States climate is hot desert, some of its most important features are:
1-High temperature in summer, low in winter

A types of wind prevail in thr Arabian Gulf region
~Northerly wind-a dry wing which reduces humidity in summer.
Factors affecting climate of the Arabian Gulf:
1-Location in relation to latitude
2-Distribution of land water (the Gulf water increase (the % of) humidity in the coastal areas, especially during summer
3-Surface elevations (temperature decreases as we move upwards above seas level)
Rainfall O.o
-Generally speaking, rainfall is very light in the Arabian Guld area
-In the Arabian Gulf region, it usually rains at around January to February

Vegetation :P
-Aridity means lacking moisture
-Natural vegetation in the Arabian Gulf region have deep roots or thorn-like small leaves, hence they endure aridity and overcome its impact
-examples such as: shrubs, Caltropis procera, Tamarisk and Date trees
Livestock Wealth $
The Arabain Gulf area is considered to be poor as far as livestock resources are concerned. How would you account for that? SCARCITY OF VEGETATION
Animals cant stand the heat, they are not adapted to this climate, therefore not allowing them to be as productive as animals from this region
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