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Child Called It

No description

Candelyn Tong

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Child Called It

A Child Called "It" Author: Dave Pelzer
Main Character: Dave Pelzer
Survivor: Child Abuse First Person Narrative: examines the relationship
between Dave and his parents from his point of view Dave comes of age before society shows much
interest in child neglect. There were few agencies
to intervene in Dave's behalf. Child Abuse:
1 in 5 American children suffers abuse--
many of these children struggle through life.
Dave Pelzer writes his story to explain how good
parents can go bad and how abused children can survive. A Boy's Struggle to Survive..... Dave was born Dec 29, 1960 in Daly City, California

He was the second of five sons of Catherine Roerva
and firefighter Stephen Joseph Pelzer He enjoyed a normal, happy childhood until age 4

From 4-12, he became his mother's punching bag and family slave Pre-reading 1:
Discuss the responsibilities of parents/guardians. Why is self-esteem
important? The 3 most important things you need to survive fall under the category of basic needs. What are they? Rank them starting with the most important. 3 days 3 weeks 3 days #1: Maintaining body temperature-
you can go 3 hours without maintaining it.

David's mother found ways to use this as a form of abuse. #2 Water-you can go 3 days without

Water is something most of us take for granted--David cherished every drop he got. #3 Food--you can go 3 weeks without (obviously
not a healthy thing to do)

At one point, David went 10 days without food-
he becomes very desperate and will do just about anything for food Provide a safe enviroment: *physically *sexually *emotionally

Dave was physically and emotionally abused. His case was one of the worst in California's history. Provide basic needs:
*water *food *shelter *warm bed *medical care
*appropriate clothing

*small amounts of water *would go without food for days
*the garage was his shelter
*an old army cot with newspapers was his warm bed
*no medical care *"Swiss cheese" for clothing Provide Self-Esteem Needs:
*accept them *encourage them
*set expectations

Dave's mother did the opposite.
She looked for opportunities to humiliate and
discourage him. Teach Morals and Values:
*honesty *respect *responsibility *compassion
*patience *forgiveness *generosity

David's mother taught him:
*dishonesty *disrespect *irresponsibility

Despite his up-bringing, he grew into a
caring and loving man. Provide Discipline:
*structured *consistent *predictable

Roerva's Discipline:
*very unpredictable and extremely unfair. Be Involved with Education:
*communicate with teachers *make sure they do homework
*Talk to them about school *Recognize achievements

Roerva and Education:
*LIES, LIES, LIES *"I will never be proud of you!"
was what he heard after accomplishing
achievements. Get the Know Your Child:
*spend quality time together *be approachable
*ask questions *communicate

David's life:
*isolated from family *mother was unapproachable
*only communication was demands from his mother It affects how you:
*think *act *relate to others

*It allows you to live life to your potential.

Despite the constant bullying from his family
and peers, David refused to give up! Unfortunately, not everyone
that experiences abuse will have the inner-strength to keep "fighting" David suffered many forms of
physical & emotional abuse Take a minute and think about
the worst type of punishment/abuse
(not sexual in nature). As we read, see if
David experiences this type of punishment. You will be shocked and heartbroken to see what his mother came up. Emotional Abuse
*Rejecting *Isolating *Ignoring
*Corrupting *Exploiting *Terrorizing Physical Abuse
*anything that causes
physical pain.
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