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The Bengal Tiger

No description

ayyan mir

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of The Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger
This majestic animal lives in the jungles of India,China,Bangladesh and Africa.The tiger lives in hot climates.When we mean hot climates we mean jungles or a savanna
How Can We Help
We can help by donating to World Wildlife Fund.You can also help by adopting one.It wont be in your house it would be in the jungle and be well nourished.
The average life span 8-10 years
They are a carnivore. That means that they only eat meat
Some of the bengal tigers are albino.
The Diet Of The Bengal Tiger
The diet of the Bengal Tiger is mostly deer,fish,bufallo's.But they rarely eat monkeys and humans.In these pictures it show the kinds of animal they eat.
There are really close to extinction
They are getting poached in great numbers
There habitats are disappearing due to deforestation
There food sources (Deers,Elks,Monkeys) is being over hunted
What Is Happening To the Bengal Tiger
<<< fish
unknown >>>

What is there average life span
Where are they mostly located
Is there ablino tigers T or F
What is there name
What do they mostly eat
8 to 10 years
The Bengal Tiger
Deers and fish and rarely monkeys
Bengal tigers in womans garden
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