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The musical bracelet

No description

Harjot Gill

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of The musical bracelet

The musical bracelet
The Price!
This bracelet is also affordable, its much less expensive then a iPod and even and mp3.It is only 9.99.This is the cheapest way for everyone to listen to music.
Mood Swings?
Finally,the musical bracelet can tell you feel because it is also a mood bracelet.In every bracelet, there will be one charm that will change colors to tell you what mood your in.For example; Red=Angry, Blue=Calm, Purple=Frustrated etc.Also this bracelet does not tell you random moods like other mood rings,bracelets or necklaces do.It Tells the truth and only the truth There are many more moods and they will be on a paper that comes with the bracelet.
The musical bracelet
Do your parents refuse to buy you a iPod?Did you damage your mp3?Are you really desperate to listen to music again?Don't worry I have the perfect solution to your problem.The new musical bracelet.
Where is it?
What is it?
The musical bracelet is the best device ever invented.You can download the music by plugging this into a computer and then after your done you can carry the bracelet and listen to the music whenever you want.
You can customize this bracelet any color you want it could be red, blue, green etc..You can also put any charm you want on this bracelet as well. And as for boys you do not need have a charm there are different designs that boys will like as well, such as their name in the bracelet.
The best part of this product is that you wont have to look for it, you can find it anywhere walmart,
micheals, target and many more places.
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