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From the Conference to the Campus: Educational Development through the Lens of Crowdsourcing

Anchor Session at the 2012 POD Network Conference, October 28, 2012

Derek Bruff

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of From the Conference to the Campus: Educational Development through the Lens of Crowdsourcing

From the Conference to the Campus: Educational Development through the Lens of Crowdsourcing Independence "DSC_7102," Nate Shepard, Flickr (CC) "Barracudas," Daniel Vaulot, Flickr (CC) Decentralization "Colourful Army," maistora, Flickr (CC) Diversity Open-Ended Questions "Choices," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC) Risk-Friendly Environments "Little Shredder," clappstar, Flickr (CC) Long Tails "Scrabble's Long Tail," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC) Aggregation & Curation "Threads," Dave Gingrich, Flickr (CC) Peer Review "Grammar Police," Eli Reusch, Flickr (CC) "IMG_3706," fswerk, Flickr (CC) Backchannel: “…a line of communication created by people in an audience to connect with others inside or outside the room, with or without the knowledge of the speaker at the front of the room.” - Cliff Atkinson Crowdsourcing: The harnessing of the perspectives, ideas, and work (the "wisdom") of many individuals (the "crowd") in order to solve complex and difficult problems Applying Crowdsourcing Approaches to Our Work Other examples of decentering our centers? Conversations
With which theme/idea would you like to engage your faculty?
How might crowdsourcing principles help with that engagement?
Are there some themes/ideas for which crowdsourcing seems more natural than others? Wesch Keynote What is one "problem" on your campus that you're hoping to help solve when you get back home? Question 1 Question 2 Reflecting on this conference, what are one or two key themes or takeaways for you? Pang Plenary Principles of Effective Crowdsourcing: 159 images total Conference Twitter Feed Most frequently re-tweeted URL What do graduate students and postdocs in STEM need to know and do in order to be effective teachers early in their academic career? Top Five Most Important Teaching Competencies
1. Provides effective feedback to students.
2. Fosters an environment of mutual trust and respect.
3. Demonstrates enthusiasm for subject and students.
4. Engages in continual self-assessment of his/her teaching.
5. Has a mastery of content knowledge. What Helped Us Get This Solution:
· diverse perspectives
· decentralized into 8 breakout rooms
· independent feedback via the survey
· a means of aggregation, also via the survey
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