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Top 10 Worst and DIssappointing Video Games of 2017

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Juan Espinoza

on 5 January 2018

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Transcript of Top 10 Worst and DIssappointing Video Games of 2017

10. Forza Motorsport 7
Since this is a racing game, the popularity of this game can vary depending on the type of gamer. This is certainly a game targeted to a certain group of people. That being said, this game does a fairly good job at attracting those people, considering its been releasing pretty much the same game every year. Forza Motorsport 7 has stunning graphics and runs very smoothly, but the games and missions are repetitive from the previous games, making this game feel like an upgrade rather than a whole different game. This game makes you want to think if you still have the receipt to return the game, and save your money by buying the older games in the series.
8. Friday the 13th: the Game
Aside from all the violence and predictable ways Jason catches the player, this game is placed where it is for the number of bugs and server crashes it has. The game is played with other players online on PC and requires a stable connection for a fully enjoyable experience. The game is also priced at $40, and it barely has many thins to do besides run away from Jason. Since the game is based on the movie, the characters do have unique abilities, but that is about it. The game should have more content for a better experience, if not a cheaper retail price.
7. The Walking Dead: a New Fronteir
Based of the TV series, the walking dead: a New Frontier attempts to simulate the thrilling experience of a zombie apocalyptic world with some liberty of the player to make his or her own choices. The story of this game is not a bad one at all. It’s the fact that this game is like watching a movie for the second time with a few bugs and bad graphics that puts this game where it is. Its clear that the developers tried to match up the plot to the original story, but making a game for a TV series leaves too many plot holes for a good experience. It is recommended to watch the series before playing this since you will have a little trouble knowing exactly what’s going on.
6. Star Wars: Battlefront II
Many Fans were expecting something better than what EA released as a sequel to the previous Star Wars game. Star Wars Battlefront not only had a couple spoilers to those who haven’t yet seen the whole Star Wars series, but also makes the player spend countless hours just to complete an objective. This can drive the player insane not to mention extremely bored, but that’s not all. EA also tries to take the money from the players by having them realize all the hard work necessary to obtain an item, so they offer the same items for purchase with real money. This is a practice that many fans were very disappointed to find out, Thus giving this game the infamous reputation it has today.
1. The Life of Black Tiger
Is this even a real game? Life of Black Tiger was originally created to be on Android to be a time killer app. The game somehow got enough support to publish it as a PS4 Tittle. In the game, the player plays the role of a Wild black tiger that has to roam around looking for food by eating other animals. Maybe the game would be somewhat enjoyable, if it didn’t look like a 10-year-old made this game for a school project. The controls might as well not even be used since its very difficult to control them. The camera angles are very awkward, and the graphics are just garbage. With framerates going from 60 fps to 20fps, it really makes you want to pull your hair out from the lag. Make sure you haven’t lost that receipt, because you already know its going back to the store.
9. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
This game is one of the most talked about games that has gained popularity on the app store, attracting Nintendo fans waiting for the next release of Animal crossing for the Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not missing out on much. Although this game contains almost every thing you could do in the previous games of Animal Crossing, the game has only enough entertainment for about an hour of gameplay. It has a lot busy work that you need to do in order to gain popularity in the game. This game isn’t too bad of the game since it is a good time killer when you have nothing to do, but I think it could be filled with more, fun thing to do to fully enjoy it.
3. Troll and I
Troll and I just makes you wonder if the Development team even had a group of testers to test the game before releasing it. This game has a good plot and story behind it in which a boy finds a big troll and goes on an adventure to solve different puzzles. The whole idea would have been good, if the game didn’t crash every 30 minutes. Many players reported problems including strange sound effects, frame rate drops, and so on. There has never been so many bugs and errors to a game like this one. The game is priced at $30, but should really be free since its practically not finished yet, not to mention that its been released twice at different times. One would think the second release would have improvements, but that’s not at all the case. The game continues to be unplayable at times and over all just garbage. Save your money on this one and buy a game that can actually be played
Top 10 Worst and Disappointing Video Games of 2017
by Juan Espinoza
5. Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite
The game that many fans were hype about crushed there expectations completely. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite got its rank for its absolutely cringy characters, sound effects, animations, and dialogue. This game almost seemed to be a downgrade to the previous game back in 2003. That’s not where the real hate is though. The developers completely removed all the X-Men characters that was previously in the game as well as add new characters that many people didn’t even know existed. It was a real let down to the people expecting it to play the game since there aren’t that many characters to play as. There are a few locked characters that are unlockable by purchasing them, but that requires money. This game really took the wrong turn during development, placing it at 5th on the list.
4. Mass Effect: Andromeda
The long expected game Mass Effect Andromeda was one of the biggest let downs know in the history of video games. This game had countless of patches of the numerous bugs and glitches it had. Before its release, many people were skeptical on the performance by noticing an eye twitch on one of the characters on the trailer itself. After playing the game, the game looks as if it were still in development. The Animations, the way the characters walked, looked like, it was all just a mess. To think that a large amount of money was put into this game is just a real shame. The plot and story may be good, but you are constantly thrown off track by the way this game looks. The Company decided to stop releasing Mass Effect games and shut down entirely. Its really makes you think what the developers have been doing the entire time of development.
2. 1 2 Switch

Everyone remembers the game Wii Sports that came with the Wii console. It was the game advertised with the Wii to attract gamers with new motion controls. That is essentially 1 2 Switch, except the game doesn’t even come with the Nintendo Switch. That’s right you have to buy the game separately. It was originally priced at $60 but later reduced to $50 to make it more affordable. In actuality, this game should be tittle as a free demo. The game has about 28 minigames to play with friends and family. And while that might seem like a lot, the first 5 are somewhat fun, and then the rest is just pointless. One of the games require you to act like a gorilla by moving the joy cons(game control) to your chest and out to a beat, generated by the game. These pointless games make you question why you considered buying the game at full price. Save your money on better games the Switch has to offer.
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