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The Impact of Crayons On Children

No description

Emily Boyes

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of The Impact of Crayons On Children

Another negative consequence that crayons had on the past 100 plus years is that they can break easily because they are made of wax which is a thinner material, crayons get a lot of use out of them though so that's always a positive. People get what they are paying for. Edwin Binney did not think he would have problems with the crayon overall, but what comes with inventions is some sort of problem. Crayons are not good for the economy because they are not biodegradable which is a very bad hazard that people know of and are not fond of.
Thesis Support
My thesis statement is: Crayola Crayons have enabled children of all ages to express their creativity through providing them with an inexpensive, accessible medium. All of my sections, A, B, C, and D support my thesis because they all tie in with the information that is present and that is present in my thesis statement. Section A is my title for my prezi and that relates to my thesis because crayons widely affect children.
Annotated Bibliography
Change Of Daily Life
The Impact of Crayons On Children
Impact on Present Day
People use crayola crayons on a daily basis, I as a child used crayons all the time when I was younger and I still do to this day if I want to color and be creative. Crayons are very accessible which makes everybody want to use them, even adults. The impact that crayons have had on the society is incredible. Crayons have been improving since day 1 and Crayola keeps inventing more inventions that are making the Crayola products better overall. Children are always wanting something new so Crayola has put their foot in the door and really made them a great company overall.
Unintended Consequences
Ament, Phil. "Fascinating Facts about the Invention of Crayons." February 3, 2007.
-This source helped me with finding history about Edwin and how he invented crayons, it also helped me to find information about how their were negative consequences to the Crayola crayon industry. From this source I took information about the negative consequences. This book really helped me back myself up on all of my information that I had in my prezi and it supported my thesis statement.

Eberle, Scott G. Classic Toys of the National Toy Hall of Fame: A Celebration of the Greatest Toys of All Time! Philadelphia: Running Press, 2009.
- This source had a list of all of the famous toys and what crayola crayons were. I found this book interesting because it laid out all of Edwin Binney's products that the Crayola factory has invented from 1903-to now. From this source I took information about the product background.

Gillis, Jennifer Blizin. Edwin Binney: The Founder of Crayola Crayons. Chicago, Ill: Heinemann Library, 2005.
- This source was honestly the most valuable to me, it was really interesting and I got a lot from it. Specifically from this book I got information about Edwin Binney and how he invented the Crayola Crayons.

Rushlow, Bonnie B. A Century of Crayola Collectibles: A Price Guide. Grantsville, Md: Hobby House Press, 2002.
- This source was also valuable and interesting to see all of the different prices of crayons versus when they first came out to now. This source helped me to navigate the prices and it backed up my thesis because crayons are inexpensive and people are willing to pay for the Crayola product.
Crayola crayons are one of the most recognized item that is manufactured and sold daily at any store. Before the invention of Crayola crayons there wasn't a creative aspect for children to always have access to. The crayons were invented in 1903, children didn't do much according to art but after crayons were invented children artistic ability peaked at an all time high. Crayons have created wonderful childhood memories which we have shared with our children. Crayons are a low-cost medium which have encouraged future artists and have been a way for people to have a creative outlet. The smell of crayons is one of the most recognizable smells by adults. Some children have even learned their colors by using crayons. The wax is which makes crayons have a distinctive smell. Today the world is a much prettier and more colorful place, I would think without crayons children would not be artistic.
This is a illustration of a child's drawing
There are a lot of positives and negatives to Crayola crayons but the positives outweigh the negatives since technology is getting better day by day and the factory can improve their products. A positive is that crayons are easy to handle while drawing with, they are not awkward to hold and they are not a mess in your hands. Crayons used to be very toxic and when they factory figured this out they immediately made it so the crayons were non-toxic because they knew that a wide range of their buyers were going to be parents providing the art supplies for their children.
More Thesis Support
My section B was about the change of daily life of the crayon and I included information about how children use crayons all the time, and even adults use them. My section C was about the present day of the crayon, the differences between back then and now is that Crayola company has went above and beyond with their products and created so many more new ones. Section D of my prezi was about the unintended consequences of the crayon, which was that crayons used to be very toxic.
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