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1980s Space Exploration

No description

Cole Schlomann

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of 1980s Space Exploration

1980's Space Exploration
Hi guys! Today, we will be learning about the 1980's space exploration! We hope that you enjoy. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
By:Andre Morin and Cole Schlomann
The Birth of The Challenger! Part 1
During the late 1970's,NASA wanted a light weight orbiter that could withstand the vacuum of space. NASA's first space shuttle was called the "Enterprise." It was made from hundreds of disassembled parts. The second orbiter arrived at Kennedy space center in July 1982.The second orbiter that NASA created was the......
The Challenger! Part 2
The Challenger! This space shuttle was named after a british naval ship. It landed in Florida in July 1982. A fun fact about the Challenger: it was the first space ship to land without crashing. Its first flight was on April 4,1983. Unfortunately, it exploded mid-flight on January 28,1986.
Sally Ride! Part 1
Before The Challenger blew up,it housed a crew of six women. And one of them was the famous... Sally Ride! She was the first american woman to travel/be in space.She also wrote children books about science.
Sally Ride! Part 2
She was born on May 26,1951 in California. She got a degree in physics. Ride became an astronaut when she applied for an ad that she saw in a newspaper. Her job was to use the robotic arm in the shuttle to put satellites in space.
Sally Ride! part 3
After leaving NASA when she was 36, she became a teacher at the University of California.Later in her life,she was added to the "Astronaut Hall of Fame!"
Sally Ride! Part 4
After being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Sally began EarthKam. EarthKam was a project that allowed middle school students to take photos of the Earth using a camera on the international space station. Sadly, Ride died on July 23,2012.
We hope that you enjoyed the walk through. See you all later!
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