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lightning thief

No description

hannah smego

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of lightning thief

Lightning Thief You shall find what was stolen,
and see it saftley returns. You shall be betrayed by one who
calls you a friend. And you shall fail to save what
matters most, in the end. Percy Jackson knows for a fact that he;
One his dad is Poseidon; god of the sea.
Two he wont tell the whole truth about what the Oracle tells him. And three, he must complete his quest.

Percy gets on the bus and something goes wrong. Three ladies get on and one is Mrs.Dodds. There is no exit except for the frount of the bus were they are blocking it off. her puts on Annabeths hat and disappears heads to the frount and relizes the he cant let Annabeth and Grover die. So he take off the hat and becomes a distraction to the ladies. he kills two and Annabeth and Grover take Dodds who tie her to the bus.They get out and the bus is hit by lightning. THE END The Oracle spills out green mist form
a decaying body.
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