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Seventeenth Summer

No description

Kristin Paul

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Seventeenth Summer

Seventeenth Summer Maureen Daly Setting When? Summer, 1940's

Where? Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Main Characters Angie
A 17 year old girl, just graduated from high school. She experiences her first summer love. Jack
A popular kid always in the "crowd". Angie's first love. Lorraine
Angie's oldest sister. She isn't interested in ordinary boys since shes gone to college Rising Action Angie Morrow and Jack Duluth go on a couple dates the first few weeks of summer. When Angie decides to go on a date with Tony, out of the blue Jack stops calling and goes back out with Jane Rady. Climax
Its been a couple weeks since Jack and Angie have spoke. When they come face to face they finally talk it out. Resolution Jack and Angie start seeing eachother again. Angie thinks shes in love. Conflict When Angie first starts going out with Jack
shes not sure if she fits in with him and
his friends. She was neevr part of the "crowd". Man vs. Self Symbolism McKnights drugstore symbolizes the first time Angie and Jack met. Jacks boat symbolizes the first time Angie falls in love.
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